Yoga: The Ultimate Activity to keep the trio of Mind, Body And Soul Healthy



Yoga is the science of youthfulness, well-being, and unification of the mind, body, and soul.  It is a 5000-year-old Indian figure of knowledge which provides all-around benefits and can be carried out by any age-group. It facilitates the attainment of harmony and absolute equilibrium, promotes self-healing, improves focus and concentration power and a lot more, and in spite of all these benefits people sometimes fail to understand the whole concept of yogic benefits. The yogic benefits are not limited to your body level only, but they extend even further leading to the addition of strength, energy, and beauty to your body, mind, and spirit and the development of your physical and mental capacity rapidly. People are inspired by yoga in different ways. For some people it is the fitness and flexibility which yoga enhances, for others, it’s the all-around development and so on.




Practising yoga on a regular basis allows a person to channelize his/her energy optimally, so given below are the top 7 benefits which it offers:


  • All-around Fitness


Your health is a dynamic expression of your life in terms of how enthusiastic, optimistic and loving you are. Yoga can improve your health, enhance your immunity, improve your posture and develop your healing capability all at the same time. It strengthens your muscles, improves breathing techniques, enhances mental and physical endurance, maintains a balanced metabolism and does a lot more to ensure your all-around fitness.


  •  Inner Peace


Practising yoga is one of the best ways to achieve inner peace. Yoga can calm a disconnected mind and provide mental clarity. It sharpens your concentration and centers your attention. Through yoga, you can reveal your body map which guides you to where your various emotions, thoughts, and triggers are situated in your body.


  • Balance Enhancement And System Relaxation


Regular yoga practice enhances proprioception and improves balance. People with postural deformities find it quite difficult to achieve proper balance and yoga is the best remedy to eliminate such deformities. During yogic practice, a person is required to slow his/her breath, relax and focus on the present without being bothered and distracted by the past or the future. Continuous yogic practices would lower your blood pressure, reduce your short temper, improve your blood flow and the combined effects of all these health benefits will help you to relax your body, mind and spiritual system.


  • Enhancement of self-esteem


Self-esteem is the confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. Nowadays, many people suffer from low self-esteem which in fact is a very unhealthy condition. Practising yoga regularly would slowly change your attitude, elevate your self-esteem and will make you realize that you too are a manifestation of the divine. It will make you understand that there is still a bigger picture present in your life that you need to analyze and make you experience feelings of self-confidence, gratitude, patience, and forgiveness.


  • Stress Relief


All the stress and tension you accumulate in your body and mind can be removed by performing yogic exercises. Yoga postures and meditation relaxes your mind and broadens your perspective. Yoga lowers your stress hormones, calms the nervous system, enhances your mood and overall sense of well-being thus eliminating any form of anxiety.


  • Enhancement of Relationships


Yoga allows you to keep a calm, healthy and well-connected mind which is essential to sustain sensitive relationships. Regular yogic practices help to keep your mind peaceful and enable you to analyze your relationship with the people around you such as your parents, friends, spouse, children and all your loved ones.


  • Improves Immunity


Your body system is a well-established combination of your body, mind, and spirit. If any of these three components gets affected, its repercussion can be observed on the other components significantly. Yoga basically reduces the stress hormones which compromises your immune system and at the same time conditions your various organs to ensure their optimal function and immunity.

In a nutshell, yoga is a simple practice and a way of living which does not refer to any religion and which people adopt in order to attain a healthy mind in a healthy body. Since man itself is a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual traits, it is very important that these three traits remain balanced in him. In the present world, there is no saying about the extent of instability among these three traits. Thus, this is a wakeup call to all those people who still have not started practicing yoga. Take it slow, one step after another and you will eventually embrace the nurturing experience which yoga would provide to you.