Why vegan lifestyle is sustainable for future?

The biggest loss, in the end, is that if we come out of this crisis unchanged. As the next pandemic is already waiting if we don’t realize and learn to treat nature and other living beings respectfully. So to overcome that we should make some small changes to our lifestyle.

There is one school of thought that says that the highly contagious COVID-19 virus is spread when a human body comes in the contact with wild animals’ meat. In the middle of apprehension that the virus is spread through the consumption of chicken, mutton, seafood, etc. If one person gets infected and gets in contact with another person, the chain goes on as we all can see the whole world is struggling because of this. If there will be no existence of such meat markets there will be no such pandemic situation occurred and any kind of lockdown would have never happened. And everyone out there would be enjoying their happy lives. Today, we all are caged into our homes. So don’t you think we should change our lifestyle by stop eating and purchasing meat from the markets, encourage other people also and divert them towards the vegan and healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding meat and dairy products is the only biggest way to reduce environmental impacts. As both these industries are destructive for animals, people, and the environment.

Pressing major issues like climate change are now polarized and impact has become more challenging than ever. To make things more challenging, talking about major contributors to climate change like factory farming, dairy farming, and livestock farming, challenge people’s habits. If there is one thing we all can do is to change our habits.

What is vegan?

So the word “VEGAN” was initially meant as a diet free of animal-based food (such as meat, dairy products). But today, this word’s meaning is extended as now it also refers that we should also avoid the non-food products which are derived from animals. Veganism is a lifestyle or a way of living that exclude, as much as possible and practicable exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, and any other purpose.

Some people might get confused between being vegan and being vegetarian. Being vegan means to eat no animal products while vegetarians don’t eat animals but may eat the products that derived from them like milk, butter, cheese, etc.

In the meat industry, there is slaughtering, processing, packaging, and marketing of meat such as chicken, fish, sheep, pigs, and others. And this leads to the release of a high amount of harmful gases than from cars, ships, trucks, or any other industry which leads to the problem of climate change. As we all know climate change all can lead to many health risks as well as environmental risks such as floods etc.

In the dairy industry, there is breeding and raising of cows on the large-scale for the sole purpose of using their milk for the production of food. There are many vegetarians who consume dairy products and they believe that because dairy cows aren’t killed, it is all okay to consume their milk. But the reality of dairy cows is far more different than the image we have about dairy farms. Many people think cows produce milk because that’s what they do. They seem to forget that cows produce milk because they become pregnant just like us. This is the reason, the dairy industry produces a reality of cruelty for the dairy cows that are forcefully impregnated from a very young age and then sent to slaughter when they can no longer produce.

Most people don’t know what happens on the farm and how the food gets into our plates. The reality of this is known to very few people. So it is not surprising that many people aren’t aware that factory farming is the major reason for this climate change.

To the people who are not ready for being a vegan, at least the best thing they can do is to avoid the products of factory farms and support local farms.  Supporting small and local farms is a good way to reduce the carbon footprint. It is also the best way to decrease the abuse of animals which is increasing every single year.

So now we have to change something in our lives so that this kind of pandemic won’t occur next time, and we all enjoy our happy lives. Reduce some environmental impacts so that we remain healthy.