Why is Kerala one of the most popular destinations in India

Popularly known as the ”gods own country” the state of Kerala is located on the southwestern Malabar coast of India. Malayalam is the main language here and consists of 16 districts and its capital is Thiruvananthapuram.

Why is Kerala known as “god’s own country” ?

Because it consists of every possible landscape it consists of landscapes like backwaters, sanctuaries, wildlife, beaches, hill station, temples, etc. It has everything and people can pick whatever they want. It is one of the most popular tourist places in India. Other than that Kerala is known for its boathouses and boat races. The boathouses here are magical and authentic because they look really good and beautiful. Filled with authentic tourist spots this state is something every scenery lover should visit.

Tourist places one shouldn’t miss out on

1) Varkala

Varkala is a small town located near the sea. This town is filled with authentic views and tourist attractions. Varkala is a mixture of holy places but yet it consists of party spots too these spots are usually famous among all the hippies. One can find really tasty street food here. Other than that it consists of beautiful beaches, hills, lakes, fisheries. There are various yoga destinations here too so one can regain their peace here.

2) Thiruvananthapuram-

Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. This city is built in 7 hills and is really popular because it is a mixture of a metropolitan and beautiful scenic view which is really rare. Trivandrum consists of various places to visit like temples, museums, beaches, magnificent palaces, etc. If one goes to Trivandrum they should definitely visit Padmanabhaswamy temple. This temple is exactly located in the center of the city and one of the best tourist attractions here. Other than that it consists of famous like Kovalam beach, Hawa beach, Shanghumukham beach, etc. Long shoreline breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise these beaches are one of the best places for leisure and fun.

3) Allepey

Allepey is yet another city that is located near the Laccadive Sea. This place is particularly known for its backwaters and ayurvedic resorts. One can find beautiful houseboat cruises here that pass through the backwaters which consist of beautiful scenes. Other than that one should definitely visit this city during August and September so that one can experience the famous snake boat races. They are the most exotic and one of the best things that happen here.

4) Poovar

Poovar is a small secluded beautiful town which is just 30kms away from the capital of this state. This town consists of natural untouched beauty and is usually like a getaway from the worldly hassle. This town is usually famous for fishing. One can hire boats and go for a fun boating experience whilst looking at the beautiful backwaters of Kerala and the mangroves. Poovar beach is a beach that is not connected to the town it is secluded one has to take a boat and go there.

5) Periyar National Park

This national park is located in the city of Thekkady and is one of the most bio-diverse and well-protected biodiversity zones. This park is famous for its rich and beautiful views. And it consists of some extinct species. It is the home to the royal tiger, elephants, different types of reptiles, fishes, etc. Spread across 257 Square miles this national park consists of two rivers. And dozens of activities that one can perform activities like And dozens of activities that one can perform activities like Jungle Patrol, Border hiking, Bamboo Grove, Bamboo Rafting, Periyar Tiger Trail, Jungle Inn, Jungle camp and Bullock Cart discoveries. This national park is an ideal holiday destination.

6) Kochi

Although Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. Kochi is said to be the financial and commercial capital of Kerala. This city has a trading history that is 600 years old. And it consists of influences marked by Arabs, Dutch, Phoenicians, Portuguese, Chinese, and the British city. This city has a mixed architecture and that’s what makes it a popular tourist spot in Kerala. One can find shopping streets, bars, pubs, restaurants, vintage fashion, art galleries, etc. Other than that this city is also the hub for kathakali performances. It is a city nobody should miss out on.

7) Ponmudi

Kerala is full of cities and towns with beaches and places which are located on the coast but Ponmudi is a small quaint town located amidst the beauty of the western ghats. This town is totally different from other towns cities located in Kerala. One can find tea plantations, green hills, waterfalls, and streams. Other than one can trek and mountain climb on Agasthayarkoodam. It is one of the most popular activities here. They can also have a picnic around the golden valley and Kalari river and enjoy amazing views. This is a place every nature lover should visit.

This is a state full of surprises cities and spots worth visiting. It’s ” God’s Own Land” and is a really beautiful state. It has so many different cities and every city has something different to offer.

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