Why Crackers Should Not Be Banned?

Diwali 2017, is near and people are a bit dimmed about the news of crackers being banned in India this Diwali by the high court, to basically reduce pollution that arises during that time. Although a festival of joy and lights, this festival is enjoyed for the joy that people get by firing crackers. Diwali is much awaited by kids and adults alike, for the sheer excitement of this key factor mostly rather than other things. Yes, there is a lot of pollution accompanied but here is the answer to the question-  Why crackers should not be banned?

1. Traditions



 The burning of firecrackers has been in the Indian tradition of Diwali for years and suddenly implementing a ban on it might hurt their religious sentiments. Fireworks have been an inherent part of the Diwali celebrations and people regardless of their religion equally partake in this festival. They add a certain sparkle to the festival.

2. Astute Measures


Instead of banning the fireworks, there could be finer sensible measures to lessen the amount of these firecrackers that could be burnt in a single day. Instead of the total ban, there should be a permit of allowance to buy them in a certain amount limit. 

3. Not the primary cause!



They do contribute to pollution but are not the primary cause. As stated by Crackers Manufacturers Association's counsel Mr. Aman Lekhi that crackers can be one of the contributory factors, but are not the primary factors of noise pollution. As for the discharge of sulphur dioxide, industries and vehicles release more sulphur dioxide than crackers, he said.

4. Black market encouragement



The government should understand that total ban does not work. People will continue to burn crackers despite any law. The demand will encourage the black market to manufacture them and people will buy them anyhow. Thus, the black market will have huge profits and we all know where the fundings of black markets go.

5. Investment Losses



Had the law been passed before the manufacturers were issued the license of manufacturing , the people who have invested in this business would not have to suffer losses. Many new investors will be highly discouraged and deep in loss.

6.Once a year event


Diwali is a once a year event, pollution is an all year thing. Without crackers, there will be nothing that special about the festival. Sit at home, do the usual things, stay in your comfort zone, or drive down to go out with friends and family etc while you happily preach about how you are being environmentally friendly on Facebook by not bursting crackers. What needs to be done is to burst your bubble, see how much pollution you alone are causing on a daily basis. 

Awareness is what can be done to solve the these Diwali problems- among retailers to not buy or sell crackers that cause more pollution than allowed, among consumers to do their homework before buying and limit the number of crackers burst. Many of the crackers are peaceful, colorful and get rid of chickengunia mosquitoes. Banning them straight away will not help. No crackers on Diwali just sounds so sad already.