What is M-commerce?

What is M-commerce? 

Transaction/Trading that takes place over phone is called M-commerce.

Look around you and tell me if you find anything which is not a business. The non-profit organisations which are registered are also running not to provide free services. They are only compelling you be the part of their business. You are not a student anymore. Everywhere you go, be it a hospital or be it anything you buy, it is business.
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If you the google the word “Business” you will see the meaning “Commercial activity”, and name me one organisation which provides free access to the services they provide.
It’s media’s responsibility to be true and fair with their audience and “Yellow journalism” is strictly prohibited and against the ethics of journalism, but did that ever stop the media?
No, because there is no body working on them and they are free to work as a private industry.
“Yellow Journalism” refers to the kind of journalism where the writers manipulate the news according to the organisation’s will and publish it to the audience. The reality is that people will never understand that what news is authorized now. Media which is supposed to serve its audience has converted into a commercial activity.

Getting back to the track, so now if you’re telling me, you’re a businessman and you’re living in a world where terms like “E-commerce” and “M-commerce” are in trend.


Why are they trending? What is it?

“E-commerce” refers to buying and selling goods over internet providing the customer the comfort of not going out and choosing the product.

“M-commerce’ refers to buying and selling over internet using their mobile phones. This the most famous term in this generation as it has allowed the people to be comfortable and they don’t have to go out anymore. They can just sit at their homes and order their products.
Comfort of the customers is what is making “M-commerce” the biggest success.