Everybody Make Way For The Vizag Scuba Diving Spot!

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A 200-year-old shipwreck has been brought in to the limelight. According to the experts, this antique is going to turn the forgotten fishing village of Bheemunipatnam, about 45 km from Visakhapatnam, into the Vizag scuba diving spot.

Below the sea surface at a mere depth of 6 meters, it was found, it was first spotted by scuba divers Balaram Naidu and dive master Anil Kumar on December 21.

The scuba diving community is excited with recent findings done by the team of scuba divers in the wreck site on Monday. “Preliminary observations revealed the shipwreck site to be covered over a vast area. Our findings indicate the ship to be around 200 years old and measures as long as 150 meters. It is an ongoing process and is still being carried on while we are talking,” says Balaram Naidu, director of Livein Adventures, a Visakhapatnam-based firm that conducts adventure sports.

vizag scuba diving spot


Recently, the team of scuba divers in Vizag encountered the presence of yellow back snappers, ribbonfish, parrot fish, sweet lips, moray eel and lionfish among another rich aquamarine life surrounding the old shipwreck.

The experts who have witnessed this claim that this might be the only shipwreck site discovered at such a shallow depth, making it accessible for even novice scuba divers and non-swimmers. “Most of the world’s famous shipwreck sites are located deep in the ocean bed where only experienced and certified scuba divers can go. This wreck site is different than the others in this sense and makes it highly accessible to anyone,” said Mr.Anil Kumar.

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The location of the shipwreck is towards the north of Bheemunipatnam where ‘Santhapalli rocks’ exist as claimed by the renowned historian Edward Paul. It is an area that has previous records of ships sinking due to its dangerously rocky seabed. The British, later, built a lighthouse at the Santhapalli coast in 1840.

The scuba diving team representatives will be giving a full-fledged presentation to the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority to tap this huge potential of turning Visakhapatnam into a hot scuba diving destination. “We want to establish an international scuba diving academy in the city with infrastructures like swimming and diving pools and classrooms for training with the support of the State government. My ultimate goal is to mark Visakhapatnam on the global map of scuba diving,” said Mr. Naidu.

vizag scuba diving spot


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Basic techniques of diving and scuba skills are taught by the professionals, which when mastered, you jump on their dive boat and participate in a shallow reef dive off the Vizag scuba diving spot.

The Vizag scuba diving spot can prove out to be a very big boost to India’s tourism scene which is already riding on a peak. This is also a somewhat new experience for the Indian population because not a very great chunk of people are familiar with the concepts and horizons involved in the scuba diving venture. The Vizag scuba diving spot is a very respectable addition to the country’s domain and already the bookings are sky high as reported by the organizers. This number will keep on increasing for sure because the site is a real treat for the eyes and the sport is also kind of new for the Indians, of course, people have been listening about scuba diving from a long time but such an opportunity has now finally struck India. 

 So just start saving your bucks because now you know where you’ll be going for the coming summers!