7 Unknown Facts About Jeff Besos- Richest Man

 worlds richest manJeffrey Preston Bezos is the founder, chairman and CEO of Amazon.com and the richest man on earth. Being the world’s largest online shopping retailer, Amazon.com is also the world’s largest and eminent internet sales company as well as the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has emerged as a dark horse, overtaking Bill Gates on 27 July 2017 i.e. on Thursday, thus becoming the worlds richest man. Due to a significant impulsive rise in Amazon shares, Jeff Bezos’s wealth rose steeply and overtook that of Bill Gates. With a net worth of $90.9 billion as recorded after the market closed down on Wednesday, Jeff Bezos successively claimed the crown of the worlds richest person.Although he did'nt retain the crown for long,rather for a brief moment.But he will likely take the crown from Gates more permanently in the coming days and weeks.

The current Amazon’s share price continues to sustain Mr Bezos in the race of being the worlds richest man. It's Mr Bezos successful business ventures which have made him one of the richest person in the world.

worlds richest man

As we all know, there is always a story behind every successful man in this world but what we should not forget is that there are also numerous unknown facts concerning that successful person. Here are a few interesting unknown fun facts about Jeff Bezos, the man who has surpassed Bill Gates in order to become the worlds richest man (briefly,but still does it even matter?Atleast he did that unlike your lazy ass)

1. Family Background Overview:

Jeff Bezos was born on Sunday, 12th January 1964.He surprisingly shares the same birthday as other famous personalities viz. Nathan Gamble, Kristie Alley, Rachael Harris and Rob Zombie the musician.

Jeff’s mother was only a teenager when Jeff was born and her marriage with Jeff’s father Ted Jorgensen lasted for less than two years. Miguel Bezos, Jeff’s stepfather, married his mother when Jeff was about 5 years old. He adopted Jeff and thus became the legal father of Jeff Bezos.

Jeff’s biological father, Ted Jorgensen is filled with regret over the alienation and deeply wants his son to recognize him as his father. (poor guy)

2. Mr Bezos’s Generosity towards bananas :

worlds richest manworlds richest man

This fact may sound very erotic but the true story behind it is on a completely different track. Mr Bezos had acted successfully on his idea of giving away bananas to passers-by in Amazon’s home town of Seattle. Around 4,500 people confirmatively take up the offer every day. Amazon claims that it has given out more than 1.7 million free bananas during this event.

The company opened its first Community Banana Stand in 2015 and has grown and expanded to two stands on its corporate campus. Currently, the company team supplies around 8,000 bananas each day at the two stands to anyone who requires a quick, healthy snack for free. (banana fetish eh?)

3. Jeff Bezos’s Enormous Spending

Mr Bezos invests a major portion of his money on space travel. Being his foremost passion, Mr Bezos says that he sells approximately $1 billion of Amazon stock every year in order to fund his project Blue Origin. (and here we are,can't even fund a science project)

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4. Jeff Bezos is the Greatest Living CEO

The Harvard Business Review declared Jeff Bezos the ‘Greatest Living CEO’. Harvard Business Review has recently featured the list of 100 best performing CEOs primarily based on their long term performance. Steve Jobs was the number one CEO but due to his death a year before, Jeff Bezos is now the number one living CEO.

Both Steve and Jeff were able to increase their shareholder’s ROI by a margin which most of the other CEOs failed to do. This outshined both of these great personalities in the real world and showed their unrivaled passion of positive transformation for universal betterment. (just keep reading on)

5. Jeff Bezos and his belief in the ‘Two Pizza Rule

worlds richest man

Now, coming to the ‘Two Pizza Rule’, Jeff strongly believes in the two pizza rule which states that small teams should be formed; consisting of the number of people that can feed on two pizzas. The idea may sound irrelevant and ironic but one can easily overlook the genius behind it. Such a rule would avoid a chaotic situation and increase the chances of having a successful business venture. (and pizza would be shared with less number of people,btw who shares pizza?!)

6. Mr Bezos- A True Trekkie

worlds richest man    worlds richest man

Jeff has been a fan of ‘Star Trek’ since childhood who has told interviewers that the Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant was inspired by the know-it-all computer on the Starship Enterprise.

 Jeff has played a cut-short role of an alien in the Star Trek blockbuster for which he had worn a ton of makeup. He had also been listed as ‘Starfleet official’ in the closing credits for Star Trek Beyond. (you were waiting for me  right?)

7. Jeff Bezos Job Hopping History

Mr Bezos was first employed with Fitel which was a start-up telecom company that lasted for only two years. He quitted his latter job at Bankers Trust and went to work with the investment firm on Wall Street, D.E. Shaw.

Even though Jeff’s career in finance was turning out to be substantially profitable, Bezos chose to make a risky move into the e-commerce world. He then quitted his job in 1994, moved to Seattle and opened an online bookstore in order to channelize the unimaginable potential of the dynamic internet market. (now who would have thought this at that time..)

So that was it friends. Comment below and tell us what is your plan to achieve this (i'm just kidding). Now would you all just stop reading this? Go and work like this man.