Concept cafes so unique, you must give them a try!

People in India are now ready to splurge on unique things. And, in a country whose majority population loves eating, people don’t cease to spend on lavish food. With new restaurants, pubs and gastro bars propping up in every corner of posh cities as well as towns, we have an endless list of choices. But, the energetic, young people are nowadays too bored of those mainstream places to sit at and the normal food to eat. They are not afraid to experiment with food, as well as experiment with cool places to eat at. And that’s why the term ‘concept cafes’ is is now quite trending.

Cafes have become quite popular as hangout joints, where you can sip, eat and laugh at conversations. And, some patrons like to prefer places which complement with their personalities. They are not only looking for food. They are looking for the best places where they can happily spend their time while eating too. Thus, owners of eating outlets are now converting theirs into ‘concept cafes.’ They are incorporating quirky details into the ambiance and menus, which push the boundaries of convention. So, we bring to you a list of such unique and interesting concept cafes, that will satisfy your quirkiness, as well as your tastebuds!

1. Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi

This cafe targets people who have a penchant for traveling and reading. The whole cafe is stacked with shelves of books and has its walls adorned with photographs of holiday outings and beautiful traveling places. The atmosphere is warm and laidback, with people who meet and interact over cups of coffee and their special ‘salted chocolate cookies’. They talk about travel and reading, exchange contact details and interact in the regular workshops organized by writers and photographers. It is owned by Ajay Jain and run by a team of travel writers. The best part- they don’t give you a bill at the end. You can pay how much you wish to. It is surely one of the best concept cafes to visit in New Delhi.

Meal for two- Approx Rs 200

Address: T-49, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

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2. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

One of the most bizarre concept cafes, Kaidi Kitchen gives you a feeling that you are eating in a prison cell-minus the heat and troubles, though! Its interiors are designed to look like cell bars, and the staff is dressed to resemble superintendents and jail inmates. As soon as you arrive here, you are handcuffed and taken to a table. Thus, you get a feeling of a prisoner. But that is compensated by a delicious food fare, which includes Mexican, Thai, Indian and Italian cuisines. Obviously, we would never think of a prison-themed cafe, but now that you do, give it a try, because eating good food, like a prisoner, is one of its own kind feelings!

Meal for two- Approx Rs 1500

Address: 20/3, Bishop Wallers Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai

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3. Eat Street Cafe, Pune

Eat Street Cafe gives you a feeling of eating the street food of London. It is completely furnished with old English furniture, shops and counterfeit stores around to give a feeling that you’re on a busy street, and the replica of a food truck. Meals are prepared in a live kitchen, and it also has an in-house bakery and bar lounge, for the tasteful eaters. Its menu recreates the English street food specials, with its main attractions being the fish and chips, Bacardi chicken, English-style corn risotto, and the classic English bacon and egg breakfast. One of the most intriguing concept cafes, it is a must try. Although it may seem costly, the food and ambiance are worth every penny.

Meal for two- Approx Rs 1600

Address: Virwani Plaza, 11 Eat Street Camp, Pune

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4. 70MM, Hyderabad

Although there are several Bollywood themed concept cafes, but 70 MM is unique than the rest. It is well furnished and has its walls lined with posters of yesteryear actors. It also has boards and posters of trademark songs, their lyrics, and photos of some iconic Bollywood pose. In short, it gives you a Bollywood feel throughout the time spent here. It also has a gigantic screen which keeps showing many popular movies as we eat.The restaurant is also noted for its food. The menu is a mouthwatering combination of Thai, Continental, Chinese and North Indian food. So, relive moments of Bollywood here, as you binge on delicious, lip-smacking food!

Meal for two- Approx Rs 800

Address: Ohri’s at Jalavihar, Necklace Road, Hyderabad Metro, Hyderabad

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5. Bistro Claytopia, Bangalore

Touted as Bangalore’s first ‘food cum pottery’ cafe, Bistro Claytopia is a one of its own kind, especially for the sculptor inside you. As you gorge on their delicious Italian and Mexican bistro food, you can paint cups and bowls, and sculpt them. The cafe will glaze it with fire for you. Within two weeks, they will be ready to adorn your homes. None of the concept cafes in Bangalore are so interesting, and thus, people flock there in large numbers. They give a try of their artistic abilities, and the whole atmosphere of the cafe is fun and colorful!

Meal for two- Approx Rs 600

Address: 11, 80 Feet Road, Next to SBI, Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore

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6. BAD Cafe, Mumbai

This ‘wellness’ themed cafe is making huge waves amongst Mumbaikars who are no strangers to a plethora of concept cafes! With an elaborate but healthy Spanish and European menu, this cafe is also known for it’s ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ theme. This three-story cafe is divided into three parts. The first one is the ‘Body’, or the kitchen, where lip-smacking food is prepared. The second floor is the ‘Mind’, or the yoga studio where people can go for some peace and relaxation. The third floor is the ‘Soul’, or the main seating area, where you can grab your food, sit and enjoy. It’s trademark ‘dark coffee’, is prepared by the owner himself, thus adding a different vibe to the atmosphere. A little costly, but it’s worth going. If you have a group of friends, you can do the cafe’s special ‘Yoga sessions’ with them too!

Meal for two- Approx Rs 1800

Address: Kapadia House, 22G, New Kantwadi Road, Off Perry Cross Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

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So, are you already springing on your seats, ready to give these concept cafes a try? Well, obviously, you must! These concept cafes are redefining food and dining with fun vibes and are giving us a light break from the monotony of life. So, happy binge eating! And yeah, happy fun eating too! 😀