Unexplored places in Himachal

Nowadays most of the traveler’s lookout for unexplored and offbeat tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh as most of the tourist places are turning to concrete jungles. There is so much demand for these less known places in Himachal that a number of them are developing into the tourist hotspots now. here is the list of some beautiful unexplored places in Himachal. 

list of most beautiful unexplored places in Himachal.

  • Prashar Lake
  • Bir – Billing
  • Pabbar Valley
  • Chindi – Karsog Valley
  • Sach pass and Pangi valley


  1. Prashar Lake

Prashar lake
Prashar lake

The Parashar lake is set at a height of 2730 m above sea level With heavy blue waters, the lake is kept sacred to the sage Prashar and he is regarded to have meditated there for a long while. Lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and looking down on the fast-flowing river Beas, the lake can be approached via Drang. There is a floating island inside the lake, which is a common natural phenomenon found all around the world. The floating area of land moves in all directions in the lake. The floating area covers 7% of the area of the lake and water is 93%. The temple was made in the thirteenth century. The lake has a floating island and it is said to be unclear how much deep it is, with a diver not being able to determine its depth.

  1. Bir – Billing

Bir is a quaint city in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh known for its natural scenery, unique Tibetan culture, yoga, and meditation. it is covered with tea gardens a Tibetan settlement and a slowly growing international settlement of adventure enthusiasts and philosophy students.

Tea garden bir
Tea garden Bir

Must do these activities:-

  • paragliding
  • visit Dharmalaya
  • Tour of Bir tea factory
  • Chokling monastery
  • camping
  • trekking
  • visit the take off-site
  • Hang gliding
  • Travel by toy train
  • Mountain biking
  • Visit Bangor waterfall
  • Visit deer park institute

          3. Pabbar Valley

Pabbar Valley is one of the very beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh. You can reach here via Shimla and the route is breathtakingly beautiful. The Pabbar River flows through the whole valley. The valley is not urbanized and hence bound the glitter of a village in hills. The place is popular for its craftsmanship. In the higher reaches of the hills, people rear sheep and weave wool to make beautiful pure woolen garments using mechanical looms. Pabbar Valley is also famous and popular for the Pabbar Valley Trek which lasts for about a week and takes one through Buran Pass and connects to Rohru and many small valleys. Pabbar Valley is ahead of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and located in the still non-touristy mountains amongst the most riched apple orchard belt of India, with deep forests of deodar and the oak.

Oak forest pabbar
Oak forest Pabbar

Things to do in Pabbar valley

  • trekking in Chanshal Trek and Kuper Valley Trek
  •  trout fishing
  • Jeep safari

4. Chindi – Karsog Valley

A long glace at Chindi in Kasorg Valley would compel you to think that dreams are made here! The entire landscape is filled with apple plantation, deep green pine forests and the sound of wind and birds will just blow you mind away  And feel like a haven. When you are here, you feel like someone has held the time for good a place stuck in beauty, people not aware of worldly pleasures, what matters here is only natural.

Apple orchard
Apple orchard

The dawn is blessed and the dusk is calm at Chindi, memories of which you would like pen or paint. Located around 90 km from Shimla, Chindi offers several interesting treks that will amaze you, and these include the Bakrote trek which is about 2 km, leading to an old Shikari Devi Temple. The place has a government-owned rest house which enjoys a spellbinding location.


  1. Sach pass and Pangi valley

unexplored places in Himachal
unexplored places in Himachal

An unexplored tour, Pangi Valley and Sach Pass are nourished with experiences to pleased the extreme adventurer in you. The entire region is filled with demanding trekking routes, roads that do not welcome newbie drivers, and temperatures that can almost sever the bone. Yet, it is this very experience that drives the daring to come to seek out the stimulus of the great mountains of the North Indian landscape.