Top 10 Destinations Off The Beaten Path

Last year the big news in travel was the negative impacts mass tourism ever had on beloved destinations such as the beautiful Barcelona, Venice, and Scotland’s Isle of Skye. So perhaps it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for very close, immersive travel experiences that get them away from the crowds, rush, and into pristine natural environments and indigenous cultural communities, they have ever experienced. To that end, here are our picks for the Top 10 destinations off the beaten path.

Top 10 destinations off the beaten path
Top 10 destinations off the beaten path

Cape Verde 

Cape Verde is arguably among the most underrated and off the beaten ecotourism destinations on the planet Yet it attracts many visitors due to its remote and adventurous location off the west coast of Africa. High cliffs and black-sand beaches complete Cape Verde’s dramatic wind-sculpted landscapes, with green forest-covered hills found in the islands’ interiors.

Cape VerdeBeachSunset
Cape VerdeBeachSunset


Most tourists dream of visiting Havana for its classic cars, thriving Cuban culture (delicious food, infectious music, colorful art, etc.), and attractive colonial architecture But outside of the popular capital city, the Caribbean’s largest island also offers majestic beautiful mountains, verdant valleys, tropical jungles and orchards, rich history, and a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife in stunning national parks and nature reserves that remain far off the typical tourist path.



Botswana is one of the world’s warmest up-and-coming ecotourism destinations, in large part due to its very forward-thinking approach to conservation. The country has prioritized the protection of its wildlife for over 50 years now, ever since the Botswana people established the Moremi Nature Reserve in 1963 after seeing their lands threatened and covered by poaching and cattle farms.

Central Asia 

Central Asia’s Silk Road has been around for thousands of years. These ancient trade routes are considerably very less traveled today, largely because the Soviet regime made them off-limits to western peoples.

 The Galápagos Islands 

More than 185 years after Charles Darwin had visited the archipelago, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site remains one of the most incredible natural attractions on this planet. There are 18 most popular islands (many of which remain uninhabited) and three smaller islets to explore, and each one of them offers its uniqueness, beauty, and attractions. 

Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea is among one of the most rural countries in the world: Only 18% of its seven million residents reside in urban centers. It’s also one of the most culturally different: Most people still live in indigenous communities, and there are 852 diverse languages spoken. Papua New Guinea’s landscapes range from pristine beaches and wildlife-rich lowland rainforests along the coast to 15,000-foot mountains in the interior of the country. 

Top 10 destinations off the beaten path
Top 10 destinations off the beaten path


Christmas Island is an eco-paradise just waiting to be explored and should be among one of your list for 2020. And with yearly tourism figures not breaking 5 figures, it’s one of the most off the beaten path places ever in Australia!

This island is most famous for the 50 million red crabs that inhabit the island, and their spectacular annual migration, there are several more indigenous crab and bird species on land plus dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays and thousands of species of fish swimming around its 80km of coastline areas.


Ortigia is one of the best-hidden gems in Italy. It’s hard to imagine a city that could once lay claim to being the most powerful in the whole world, but it’s true of Siracusa, in the south-east corner of Sicily, which in the 5th century BC dominated the Mediterranean.


Syros is a great off the beaten path choice when you want to visit especially Greece. Unlike the islands such as the Mykonos and the Santorini, Syros is not yet overrun with tourists.  This means that locals are still genuinely excited to receive tourists onto their island.

Syros has everything you’d want in a Greek island holiday- gorgeous beaches, amazing food, lots of beautiful scenery and activities to see and do postcard-worthy sunsets, and a very interesting history to learn about as you explore the beautiful area.


kyrgyzstan, Top 10 destinations off the beaten path
Kyrgyzstan, Top 10 destinations off the beaten path

Centuries of history have passed through Kyrgyzstan and many people know the country as the great meeting place of the ancient Silk Road. A place where people from all walks of life, culture, religion, tradition, and race would meet to trade. In that history alone is a reason to explore a country that has so much to offer and is pleased.