Top 5 places to visit in Delhi

Planning to visit Delhi? Here are the Top 5 places that comes under the category of a must visit.Delhi is famous for its tourist attractions, food and the marketplaces.
It is a hub for everything one looks for while visiting a metro city. Being a metro city, it makes it easy for the locals to travel and you as a visitor can also experience the metro and save some travel cost. Delhi has become a modern city and it is one of the best places cities to visit in India.  Delhi being the capital of India has a rich history and vibrant cultures.  It’s the home of Indian Central Government and is also the place where the major media firms has set up their organisations.

The city is dotted with mesmerizing forts  and monuments built by the Mughal Emperors that used to rule the city in the past. There is a beautiful contrast between the Old Delhi and the modern New Delhi, both sides have their phases of beauty and you don’t want to miss out on any.

Top 5 places to visit in Delhi:

1. India Gate  : Pride of our nation

Low angle view of a war memorial, India Gate, New Delhi

India gate was the part of prominent War graves, which came into existence in 1917 for building war graves and memorials to soldiers killed in the First World War.

It took 10 years to build this tall gate and was inaugurated by Viceroy Lord Irwin in 1931.

The names of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives have been inscribed on the walls of the India gate to pay them a tribute.

Other than the history it’s a beautiful spot to visit and go to picnic with your family. You can also go for boating and chill with your friends and family.

India Gate is also famous for the celebration of the Republic Day. It’s a peaceful place to visit in the night and early mornings.

2.   Qutub Minar

Low angle view of a monument, Qutab Minar, New Delhi, India

Next up we have is a well-defined tallest minaret in the world. It’s a 240 feet tall brick minaret. Along with other several monuments on its periphery, the whole place is called the ‘Qutub Complex.’

The top floor of the minaret was destructed by lightning and rebuilt by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. These floors are quite distinguishable from the rest of the minarets as they are made up of white marble.

There are in total 379 stairs inside which lead to the marble top of the minaret.
It’s indeed one of the places for the people who have great interest in knowing about the history and also a suitable location for photography.

3.  Chandni Chowk

Next up we have on our list is the oldest and busiest market in Old Delhi. Chandni chowk is located to Old Delhi Railway station. The densely populated market has been around for more than three centuries.  Chandni Chowk is a wholesale market and one can find different types of items, foods and jewelleries here. The market is divided into different planes and sub markets. The chowk is widely is popular for the “Parathe Wali’ gali where all types of parathe are made and it is the best place for all the foodies to visit.

In the earlier times, the market was divided by canals to reflect moonlights and remains one of the largest india’s wholesale markets.

Best and cheapest place to buy souvenirs and taste the spice of Delhi.

4 Red fort

Red fort is another monument built by Mughar Emperor Shah Jahan when he transferred the capital city from Agra to Delhi. It took ten years to complete the construction of this massive fort located in the Old Delhi.

To remind you of the era, a hour sound and light show is organised inside the fort every evening.

5 Connaught place

Connaught place is  one of the largest, financial, commercial and business centers in New Delhi.  Commonly abbreviated as CP by the locals. Houses the headquarters of several noted Indian firms.

Known for being the 5th most expensive office market space . The place includes a market called Palika Bazaar, which is famous for cheap designers replicas.

It has got some amazing food places, like Biryani Blues, Naturals ice cream, which have established their whole foundation here.

It’s an amazing place to visit in the evening as the whole place looks amazing with the view of a tall Indian National Flag waving high.

These are the top 5 best places to visit in Delhi that comes under a must visit category which covers both the sides of “Old Delhi” and “New Delhi”

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