Top 5 outfits for men

Here are the top 5 outfits for men, these will never go out of fashion.


Outfit 5:  The modern look

I know sometimes people are not happy with the Ripped jeans idea. You can replace the ripped jeans with simple straight or tapered fit jeans and this outfit will look equally handsome on you.

Of course, beanie and a bomber are seasonal pieces. You obviously wont wear them in the summers.However, you can replace the bomber with a cool lightweight flannel or plane  shirt in light blue or brown color.
Dark Blue washed denim jacket with a black jeans plus a striped t-shirt inside will give you an outstanding look together.



Outfit 4 : The all Black look

The all black outfit will make you look smart .
This all black outfit is perfect for guys in their 20’s and early 30’s. however, there are no hard rules around here.

The versatility of black on black outfit  allows anyone to look sharp in this classic combination.

I think if a 60 year man can wear black and look good, you can too. Black is a color liked by most of people and if you wear it with the right outfit support, fashion will be all yours.

The fact about Black color is that makes you look slim. So just by wearing a well-fitting all black outfit, you can look slimmer.

Black Neck tee with Black ripped jeans, Wearing a bomber jacket will give you a jackass look.



Outfit 3 : Denims with all black

This is another way to rock your all black outfit. Wearing all black t shirt and jeans with an overhead denim jacket will make you stand out.

Black is the color which makes people looks slim and it is a fat. The perception of what you see in a color is truly amazing.

The thing that we didn’t discuss above is the fit. The fit is super important when you are wearing this outfit. Make sure the tee you pick for this outfit is of a proper fit. Right size of fitting is important for one to rock this black beauty.

Outfit 2 : The army jacket look

Now, this again is one of the most classic combinations of all. Blue and white outfit can never go out of fashion for men.

Of course, this particular bomber is optional. You can pick anything from a denim jacket to a cool khaki field jacket, you can layer this cool outfit with almost any layering piece and still look like a street style star.

The army jacket, or khaki jacket will make you look dapper.

Outfit 1 : White shirt charm  

Another beautiful top outfits for men is wearing a simple plain white shirt with a combination of black jeans.
This look will never go out of fashion and gives you an impeccable look. Fit size does matter, so take care of that body and eat healthy. The more fit you are, the more amazing it will look on you.