Delhi Restaurants Which Are Definitely Worth a Visit

There is a saying in India that “The Way to the heart passes through the Stomach” and Delhihites have definitely lived upto it in the current times with Delicious food being their topmost priority. The frequently opening of new and fancy Delhi restaurants has definitely increased some serious competition in Delhi among the high end restaurant owners, the increased completion has forced the owners of restaurants to set up their game to deal with the increasing competition and to attract more and more customers towards their restaurant.

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Delhi restaurants in the recent times have tried to stand out from one another in one way or another either by enhancing their ambience of the restaurant i.e devoting their restaurants towards a specific theme or by providing various cuisines. One way or the another every restaurant tries to be the best but some of them do outstand from the rest giving us the ;

Top 5 Delhi Restaurants to Visit :

1) Level 2 – Radisson Blu

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The hotel chain Radisson Blu have defiantly kept up to their name by providing the top end premium experience to their customers and this premium experience in their chain of restaurants too with Level 2 being their best and one of the top Delhi restaurants which provide a wide variety of cuisines. This restaurant is located on the second floor of the hotel and that is how it gets its name — Level 2. The interiors has quite dramatic look with all the mirrors and having a black Goth-themed designs and white light. There is a tinge of red in the interactive kitchens. Since the neighborhood is a largely vegetarian population the grub is primarily vegetarian.The Chaat Platter is a hit with guests, as are the thin-crust pizzas. The best-selling Indian dish is Aloo Bukhara Kofta and probably the reason for it being famous among various food critics.


2) ITC Maurya, Dum Pukht

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ITC Maurya, Dum Pukht being another high end Delhi restaurants, owned and maintained by the ITC Maurya hotel chains. ITC Maurya is famous for its Indian touch into their hotels and restaurants. If you are an Indian food fanatic then Dum Pukht is the place you would definitely like to try out. It has received applaudable ratings from famous food critics and its ambient and royal touch would give you a royal Indian experience as compares to other Delhi restaurants. The main course consists of some common veggies but with extremely different taste and rare spices and the best dessert being Gaulb Ki Kheer, which I consider definably recommendable.


3) Bella Cucina – Le Meridien

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Bella Cucina definitely lives of to its name, meaning “nice kitchen” and hence being one of the highest rated among all Delhi restaurants has attracted a ton of food fanatics over the time with its elegant and simple yet fascinating aura. But don’t let its simple arrangement fool you because the food here would definitely blow your mind. The service is something which everything loves and is top rated as compared to other slow and lackey restaurants. Italian food is what it serves the best. It provides a fine Italian taste to your tempting taste buds and hence definitely live up to the famous name of the hotel chains of Le Meridien.


4) Tamra Restaurant

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Tamra has definitely made a mark with its exceptionally amazing tasty food over the period of time since it was started and resides in the famous Shangri-La Hotel. Tamra being one of the most frequently visited restaurant among all the high end Delhi restaurants. They had 3 live counters in my last visit to the amazing place – Chinese, Peshawari and Continental in which even the veg dishes were looking way more splendid and tasted amazingly delicious, Sushi and salad bar also had tons of variety to choose from. Last but not the least, the desserts counter was so elaborated as it had most of my attention as they had 40+ splendid items in desserts. Moreover the staff was very polite and amiable and the ambience was lovely and interiors looked plush as expected.

5)  1911- The Imperial Hotel

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Just like its name 1911 has its ambience which would remind you of the old times dating back to 1911. It has a centralized bar which is considered one of the finest in the city, having an arrangement just similar to those times as you would see in the picture above. 1911 has one of the most unique themes among all the high end Delhi restaurants. 1911 resides in the famous Imperial Hotel in Delhi. covering over almost every cuisine , 1911 provides the customers with some of the best food that one could find in the whole city. Stunning, Regal and Royal are some of the most frequent words left by the customers as praises for this amazing place  which would definitely satisfy your taste buds.