Here Are the Top 10 Most Trending Indian Topics!

In case you have missed out on things which have been grabbing headlines for the last few days now, we have summed up here some of the most Trending Indian Topics that you should definitely be aware of.

Here’s a list of some of the most Trending Indian Topics right now.

Reduction in railway prices

The committee which was formulated to review and revamp the recently introduced flexi fare scheme recently announced discounted prices on last minute bookings and on trains with relatively low occupancy. Dynamic pricing policy is also under formulation. A budget of Rs. 12,000-crore has also been sanctioned to equip electric locomotives running between metros with a European train protection system to enable drivers prevent rail mishaps.

 Trending Indian Topics

Banks where you can get higher interest rates on savings and fixed deposits(FD)

Renowned banks and biggies like State bank of India(SBI) offer only about 3.5% of interest rate on savings and 6.5% in case of fixed deposits. However, what you must know is that there are several small finance banks(SFB) which offer much more returns. Fincare SFB, launched in September this year offers 6 % on amounts less than 1 lakh, 7% otherwise, and 8% on FD’s. ESAF SFB, a well-known name in microfinance offers 4-7% interest rate on savings and 7.5-9% on FD’s. Utkarsh is another such SFB, with interest rate of 6% on savings and 8% in case of FD’s.


 Trending Indian Topics


Bill to amend Payment of Gratuity and Maternity Benefit Act

A bill has been passed by the government, giving it the power to notify the gratuity payment and the period of maternity leave that can be availed by the employees. Through this amendment, Government can notify the female employees in continuous service, of the leaves (enhanced from the existing 12 weeks) they are eligible for. This empowers the Government to manually revise the limit in accordance with inflation and rise in wages, instead of fixing it through an act.

JIO TV launched!!

After launching web version of JIO cinema, JIO has yet again made headlines by finally introducing the much awaited web version of Live TV watching platform JIO TV. This service is only available for JIO 4G sim card holders. Ease in switching between SD and HD channels, and more than 550 live channels is what provides it an edge over others.

Internet for all

In an unprecedented move, Information Technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at Digital India summit has cleared the stand of India on net neutrality by declaring that right to non-discriminatory internet access in non-negotiable. Further elaborating he said that Internet is a very important resource whose benefits should be available to all in an equitable manner.

Engineering sets to reduce in number

All India council for technical education(AICTE) has proclaimed that the number of engineering seats in the country will come down by at least a lakh in the next academic year. This is in continuation with AICTE’s decision to close down all colleges which have recorded less than 30% of enrollment in last 5 years.

Change of power in one of the largest party of India

Talking about most trending indian topics, and no mention of Rahul Gandhi’s accession to Congress’s throne. Well, 16th December saw a major shift in power, as Rahul Gandhi, after being unanimously elected took over as the head of Indian National Congress after a rein of 19 years of his mother Sonia Gandhi. While addressing the party members he chided the BJP, and talked about the future course of action he intends to take as the party president. He alleged BJP of taking India back to the medieval times, and dividing the countrymen by spreading hatred on the basis of belief, identity and preferences.


Trending Indian Topics

Right to health – A fundamental right?

In a much surprising move, congress MP has introduced a private member bill in the Rajya Sabha suggesting to make health a fundamental right. The bill states that the state will provide health protection to all citizens, including access to basic health services and emergency treatment free of cost. The exact lines along which the same will be implemented has been left upon the respective states to decide. The meagre amount spent by the Government on health, i.e. about 1.4% of the GDP has been cited as the reason for the same.

Elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh with 68 constituencies observed single phase polling on 9 Nov. the hill State has been the territory of BJP and congress alternatively for the last 24 years. Continuing with this tradition, BJP has won the elections by securing 44 out of 68 seats, and is all set to form the Government.

In Gujarat, polling was conducted in two phases on 8th Dec. and 14th Dec. However, for undisclosed reasons 6 polling in 4 constituencies witnessed fresh elections. The result of this state has also been in favor of BJP, who has managed to grab 99 seats in the 182-member assembly. Congress following closely behind had to settle for 80 seats.

Trending Indian Topics

NEET, JEE may be conducted twice a year!!

This has been one of the most trending indian topics for some weeks now. NTA i.e. National Testing Agency, a self-sustained body for conducting entrance exams for the higher education institutions whose estalishment was proposed in 2017-18 general budget has been grabbing the headlines for some time now. It is expected to bring about major reforms. It will reduce the burden on CBSE, standardize the examination level, and most importantly will conduct exams like NEET – National level medical entrance exam and JEE – National level engineering entrance exam twice a year to bring out the best in the aspiring students.

We hope you found this article summarizing some of the Most Trending Indian Topics useful.