Tips To Get Rid Of Wedding Day Stage Fright

Your wedding day is all about you and that means all eyes are on you (and your future spouse, too). Managing those palm-sweating, voice-shaking, and nerve-wracking, but special and life-changing, moments, like walking down the aisle, coming in doli and your first dance, can be a challenge, even for those who aren’t so shy.

Some brides and grooms are focused on planning and decision-making, while others may be dreading being the center of attention. Afraid you will have anxiety about being the center of attention?
Learn these tips to get rid of wedding day stage fright.

Keep Your Dance Simple

Instead of forgetting the choreographed dance on the day of the wedding, why not just take lessons for it?

Go ahead and show your moves instead of forgetting them and standing clueless. You can simply sway to your selected song while having a sweet chat with your new spouse right there on the dance floor. Having the extra pressure of a full-on performance would only serve as harmful to your overall stress level, so focus on one another and the meaningful song instead.


Surround Yourself With Support

Sharing your best and memorable day with your family and close friends is what you all need. Just remind yourself throughout the day that the eyes on you are all from those people who want the best for you and support you totally. While being the star of the show can be incredibly intimidating, the reason you have an “audience” is because your guests are happy for you both and want to see you succeed.


Ditch The Grand Entrance

The idea of grand entrances during the day of the wedding and especially at receptions have become quite popular but it is not mandatory for all the brides to follow. You could just give an entry with an announcement of bride coming and people clapping hands for the same, without any bands or music. This is a good idea to just avoid too much of focus and attention which people shall have on grand entries than a simple entry. You can enter with the bridal party or your parents, if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Minimize The “Toasts”

Don’t stress yourself for making that incredible toast since it is compulsory. It is upto you totally how you want to thank your guests. Not elaborate speeches, but a simple “thank you” can do the job of expressing your gratitude and you not feeling anxious about forgetting the speech. A simple toast s actually a great option since you would already be showing gratitude through food, drinks, dance and thank you cards or guest favors. 


Have Table For Many Than Two

Instead of isolating you and your spouse and pulling all the attention from guests by sitting on a table for two, get a table for many and surround yourself with your bridesmaid and groomsmen respectively or any close family family members. Having loved ones near to you takes the focus off of just you two and disperses it. Plus, sitting next to your closest friends will prompt you to chat, laugh, and feel at peace.


Just go ahead and incorporate these tips to get away with your wedding day stage fright. Even if you are not able to pull of any of these, just remember you are the bride/groom and people are anyway going to be in awe of you so just BE YOURSELF!