Things to Do During Quarantine to Skip Boredom

Life is all online right now. We meet and talk to our friends online; we watch, work and play online. So with this way of entertainment, as a way of learning opportunity, as a way to be helpful, to keep in touch and to explore there are various other things we can do to skip the boredom and make full use of the time we are getting at our home.


Working Out

It is a good option and time to work on our physical fitness while stuck in the house. We can start doing yoga and exercises. We can go for evening and morning works in our terrace or yards as doing on the streets and parks aren’t allowed. If we have gym equipment in the house there isn’t a problem at all but without them also we can have a good workout session.


Mental Health

It is a great time to take care and give attention to our mental health. In our day to day busy life, we never get the time to so that. It is crucial to cultivate good mental health and mindfulness whether crisis looms or not. If we have never practised breathing or meditation, it is the time to dive in. It will not just improve our mental health but will also increase our patience and give us the strength to deal with the current scenario.



Though many of us are missing eating outside but even with this we need to eat good and healthy. We can try our new recipes from different blogs or recipe books, make them in our way and eat with the family. In this way, we will be eating healthy, killing time by self-cooking and spend time with our families.


Working from Home

This is something obvious since this is being a long lockdown we all now need to work from home. In a way it is good, we get flexibility and comfort. And it is the most productive way to kill time in the quarantine. It is not hampering our income as well.

TV, Movies and Games

There are some nice Tv shows, series and movies that we can watch over this quarantine. They are a way to kill time and enjoy. We can play some online games with our friends. And some board games with our families. Also, there are many online courses available, so students can opt for it and make good use of their quarantine.