Things Not To Miss In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the beautiful and the most visited cities in the world. Also, it is the 15th populous city in the U.S. Being a hub of entertainment, fun, and amenities, San Francisco is geographically small – only 49 square miles. ‘San Fran’, ‘Frisco’, or ‘The city’ is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. Moreover, San Francisco has so much to offer to everyone. Perhaps, spending weeks here is not enough to cover all the major attractions in the city.

However, here is a list having things which could not be missed in San Francisco

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge 

The first thing not to miss in San Francisco has to be the walk across the Golden Gate Bridge or beholding its view from Baker Beach. The most famous bridge in the world never misses a chance to impress travelers around the world.

Well, don’t forget to take out your camera while praising its beauty.

Visit Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s wharf is one of the most visited neighborhoods in the city. From a wide array of restaurants to the Aquarium of the Bay,  one can find a large number of attractions here which have made the neighborhood the most popular place.

Visit Fisherman’s wharf with your family and enjoy the best out of your trip.

A view from Twin Peaks

Wish to see San Francisco from the top? Drive to the top of Twin Peaks for the most spectacular and 360-degree view of San Francisco. These two hills are adjacent to each other and stand almost 1000 feet above the city.

Also, there is a 64-acre park which gives a clear idea about an old San Francisco.

Visit the Japanese Tea Garden

Sip a tea sitting at the Japanese Tea Garden located in Golden Gate Park. Away from the city’s hustle-bustle, the Japanese Tea Garden is the oldest in the United States. Created as a “Japanese village”, here you can experience the natural beauty, classic elements such as arched drum bridge, stone lanterns, stepping stone paths and much more.


Discover the Alcatraz Island

Located 1.5 miles offshore, Alcatraz is a rocky island in San Francisco Bay. The island was developed as a military fortification, a military prison, and a federal prison as well. Many tourists visit this tiny island to know in-depth about the infamous prisons.

Buy a ticket to San Francisco Giants

If you love to play baseball, then the oracle park is the place for you to must-visit. However, if you don’t, then also visit this place for capturing the enchanting beauty of the most beautiful ballpark in the country. Also, for some best food.

Ride a Cable Car

Be a part of an amazing experience by riding a cable car. Since the 19th century, cable cars have been transporting people in San Francisco. Also, captures the amazing views of the bay while riding.

Dine at Spark Social Food Trucks

Offering a variety of cuisines, Spark Social Food Trucks is located in Mission Bay. Here, you can try a little bit of everything with weekly events and frees’ mores. A perfect place to dine at.

Explore the China Town

San Francisco has four Chinatowns. However, the oldest in North America and the biggest outside of Asia is the one located on Grant Avenue. Embrace the Chinese culture and cuisines only in the Chinatowns.

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