Netflix Series You Just Can’t Afford To Miss!

Netflix– this word is now no stranger to every big fanatic of online entertainment. It has been a boon in disguise for all the young adults who like binge watching delectable T.V. series. Since its inception in 1997, it has been streaming online media and in demand videos by mail. But after 2007, it started expanding its base globally by featuring popular cable network shows and movies. In 2013, when it ventured into the content production industry, it started becoming more popular among the masses, especially the youth. 

  • Why did Netflix become so popular amongst youth?

 Netflix has redefined watching television online by featuring a multitude of original shows, called the Netflix Originals. These shows have become highly popular, because of powerhouse performances and thrilling, intriguing plots. In the last few years, Netflix has witnessed a proliferation in the quality of its content and the number of audiences too. As of July 2017, Netflix had 103.5 million subscribers, most of them comprising the youth population. And the numbers are continuously shooting up ever since.

Netflix is becoming the youth’s raging and favorite addiction. It has become one of the most affable places to scout for the best entertainment. And some of its flashy, bold and intelligent shows have grabbed intense eyeballs, fan adulation, and huge ratings. So, for all the binge watchers out there, who are still pondering what great thing to watch next, here is a list of recommendations of all those popular Netflix shows you need to watch before anything else!

1. 13 Reasons Why

NetflixIt’s the story of Hannah Baker, portrayed by Australian actress Katherine Langford, who commits suicide. But before doing so, she leaves a series of 13 recorded tapes in a box, at her friend Clay’s home. These tapes contain some heart-wrenching confessions, as well as the reasons as well the people behind her suicide. When it was launched in March 2017 by Netflix, it amassed an instant popularity, which is credited to its youth oriented and relatable plot( about bullying and teenage conflicts), an intriguing storyline, and intense performances by all the actors of the show. This one definitely makes it to the must watch list.

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2. House Of Cards


Although it is a political satire, which mostly doesn’t interest much of the young adults, since its debut as Netflix’s first home production, it has managed to garner a wide attention of the youth. A critically acclaimed political drama, this show is an impeccable take on the inside stories of high profile politics. Award winning actor Kevin Spacey portrays the electrifying and imposing lead character Frank Underwood. His ascent to power, his twisted intelligence, political acumen, the engaging debates with his contemporaries and his personal conflicts is a treat to watch. The supporting cast also does a great job in maintaining the tempo of the show. This one is definitely one of Netflix’s quality productions!

3. Black Mirror


For all the science fiction lovers, here’s your dose of thrilling entertainment! This British anthology show revolves around dark and satirical themes set in the present or in alternative futures, that inspect modern society and the effect of new technologies on human behavior. According to the creators of the show, "each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they're all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time if we're clumsy." Highly gripping, intelligent with stellar performances by its lead actors Hannah John Kamen, Jon Hamm as well as the supporting actors, this critically and internationally acclaimed unconventional show by Netflix deserves a much-needed watch.

4. Stranger Things


It is an American fiction-horror web show. It trails around the disappearance of a young boy under supernatural occurrences in a fictional place called Hawkins, and the sudden appearance of a psychokinetic girl who aids the boy's friends in finding him. A show of its own kind, the story simultaneously caters to both the children as well as the youth audience. The thrills and chills of the show are stupefying! With elements of science, suspense and innocent yet eclectic performances by the lead cast, no wonder it has been rated as high as 96% on IMDb!

5. Narcos


Probably one of the most immensely popular shows of Netflix, Narcos has got the fame no other show could in a small frame of time. Based on the real life story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, this show leads us through his trials and tribulations, his rise to power, fame and money, and also chronicles his personal life conflicts. Touted as one of Netflix's best creations, it is known for its superb pace, suspense, raw thrills and the incredible performance as Pablo Escobar by its lead actor, Wagner Moura. If you are craving for something thrilling as well as clever, this show is for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Netflix and set your thrill factor to a high watching these shows and let the creative juices flow through you too!