The 7th Heaven

An unexplored beauty of india lies 3500ft above sea level over the ranges of western ghats  which is about 100km from Coimbatore, tamilnadu. The valparai, also known as the 7th heaven for its incredible combination of pleasant weather and wild life. It is a dream of most of the travellers to visit an uncrowded and unexplored places, valparai can be the premier choice for them. Combination of few stunning waterfalls, 40 deadly hairpin bends, an amazing aerial views, flowing rivers, harmonious sounds of birds chirping, freely roaming wildlife and less living residents makes valparai a heavenly place. Visiting such an astonishing place can make anyone to forget their miseries and start a fresh life.

The tea plantations

Traveling towards valparai through the spectacular hair-pin bends and deep forest you will have a soul quenching experience when you look around. Turn around in any direction what you will see is the green world. More than 2000 hectares of tea plantation over the slope of hills and valleys, one passing through this place can feel the aroma of tea . These plantations nurtures a unique flora and fauna. One cannot even  that who could have sowed these many seeds for the plantation and nowhere one can find any sign of artificial world. All the living creatures here have no boundaries of living space, the elephants roam in the spaces between tea plants, cubs are found between bushes, group of deer roam on the road and this not only makes the place natural but also risky for residents and visitors.

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The hair-pin bends

The only way to reach valparai is going through 40 deadly hair-pin bends and for sure most of tourist bikers in india will love to ride here. The only way to feel the thrill and experience the stream of this 3500ft hill station is by traveling via bike. But trekkers will be disappointed here because their wish to climb and travel will cramped by forest officers as tigers are free to roam here. The loam view point at 9/40th hair-pin bend is know for best of aerial views. Spending time at the loam view can surely attract even a misanthrope.;aggregationId=&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=184641484

The koozhangal river

The koozhangal river also know as vellamalai tunnel , this place could be the best choice for people seeking nature therapy. One can explore his own mental state of life by spending some time here. This river is one of the fresh water sources in india and distinct variety of species are found near the bank of the river. Walking along the bank of the river will direct to some of unexplored beautiful waterfalls of valparai. As it is located away from valparai town, the becomes more peaceful and risk free for residents as most of wild animals come here to drink water.

The Nallamudi view point

This astonishing view point is the tallest view point at 3500ft above sea level and the dead end of valparai. Looking at the top view of tallest deep forest trees without any drone equipment is the best moment of a traveller, this is one of the greatest parts of western ghats and a dream place for mountaineers. Standing at this view point one can feel the low altitude clouds and this could be a dream day for any travellers.


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The Attakatti view point

Though attakatti is just a small town what makes it special is the unique view point. Attakatti is the starting point of anamalai tiger reserve and the real thrill for bikers starts here as they should safely get away from the eye sight of tigers and other wildlife. Most of the places and view points are left unexplored due to the thick forest around and danger of wildlife, but a brave explorer can make a lot of joy for himself by going into this thick adventures forest.

This beauty of nature could be the reason why valparai is called as 7th HEAVEN, a beauty that can attract even a misanthrope, a beauty that can cure any psychologically suffering persons in form of nature therapy. Walking into this world is like finding true heaven on earth, getting the answer of the curious question of life “ WHO AM I ?”