Upcoming tech gadgets in 2018 to lookout for

Technology is something that evolves every second around us, every possible minute a new innovation towards a better future takes place around the world which we would definitely be able to see in the upcoming tech gadgets in 2018. Technology has definitely changed the way of living for the humans, making everything quite easy and a finger touch away from us. There was a time when computers needed a hall to fit in and now you carry them in your sling bags around in form of laptops. The upcoming tech gadgets in 2018 would definitely take the game to the next level.

There is no question about how immensely it effects us and our living style. In the latest CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) which took place at Las Vegas from January 9th– 12th. CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years leading to innovative grown in various technologies.

This year CES saw some of the most amazing innovations from companies and people leaving everyone astonished. Thus giving us the;

Top List of Upcoming tech gadgets in 2018 :

1) The Wall

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‘The Wall’ being the first to make it to the top upcoming tech gadgets in 2018’s list is a massive Tv of 146 inches, perhaps making it the largest screen unveiled at CES 2018, though Samsung says it can be built to any custom size. It uses “Micro LED’s” for greater brightness, better contrast, more vibrant colours, reduced burn-in technology as compared to other OLED Televisions making it one of a kind. This massive television definitely caught the eye of the people with his astonishing thin structure and yet providing top of the line viewing content for the users. It is set to reach the markets soon, but would definitely have a hefty price tag associated with it.

2) LG 65-Inch Rollable OLED TV

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As if a 146-inch television was not enough, LG stated the true meaning of evolving and enhancing technology in their company by introducing a 65-inch rollable OLED television and thus making it to the top upcoming tech gadgets in 2018’s list. Forget about flat screens, This television rolls down into a base for easy transport, almost like a projector screen. It boasts a 4K quality and the screen can be adjusted depending on the aspect ratio of whatever you are watching. It completely defined the statement that “The future technology is folded”. It hasn’t be turned into production but would be soon and would definitely cost you a hefty chunk of your saving for a television.

3) Lenovo Smart Display

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Lenovo definitely is not the one standing on a back foot in terms of technology and made it to the top upcoming tech gadgets in 2018’s list with a bang! They showcased their Lenovo Smart Display which is a smart speaker equipped with Google assistant and would become your must have in the time to come. The Google assistant does a better job answering spoken questions than much of the competition if not all of it, and has a bright HD screen for video calls. It looks pretty slick and this is how evolving technology looks like.

4) Project Linda

Upcoming tech gadgets in 2018

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Project Linda is something that combines the concept of design and technology altogether. It is a concept laptop that uses the Razor Phone instead of a normal trackpad. The phone gets inserted in its specially allocated space and then by mirroring its screen on the laptop or use the desktop mode to transform the phone into an additional screen or a trackpad. The design and idea behind Linda is one of its own kind and something we could expect to have in the future to come.

5) Fisker EMotion

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This CES was not just limited to television and gadgets but a concept car was also introduced in the seminar. This electric sedan, scheduled to release in 2020, it has some amazing looks and design totally portraying the hard work put into designing into it. It has a carbon fiber chassis alongside a battery that purports to give a 400-mile range at a top speed of 160 miles an hour. That’s not it, the most astonishing feature being that it can drive itself. Yes ! it does have an auto driven feature and hence leading the electric sedan game in the industry.

6) Sony Aibo

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Technology for developing human robots is something you might have already heard of and is already being enhanced and worked upon. But this time in CES Sony came up with something which was not seen before. Technology has taken some amazing turns. Sony Aibo is a little robotic dog which has gone some iterations over the years, but this adorable model is the best yet. It has OLED eyes for clear expressions, voice controls, motion detection and smarter intelligence downloaded from the cloud. The only holdback for the buyers being its price which is around $2000 and makes a mark on the top Upcoming tech gadgets in 2018’s list. Too much for a pet, ain’t it?