Taking a Cab? Note Down These Safety Rules

Cabs like Ola and Uber have undoubtedly made our life easier and hassle-free. Moreover, Uber offers post advice on its website and also offers safety measures in their apps. However, traveling alone at night is not less than a nightmare, especially in India. So, here are some handy safety rules you all must remember while taking a cab.


Start GPS as soon as you get into a cab

Always keep your GPS on, till you reach your destination. This is the best way to make sure that your cab driver is taking you to from the right route and also to the right destination. It will be really helpful if you are taking a cab late at night. 


Check if it is the right cab or not

While in a hurry, we often forget to match the driver’s identity with the details given in the app. And, this is where we get into trouble. Always match the car’s model, number plate, driver’s name, and other details before getting into a cab. 


Share your ride details with anyone you trust

From the safety perspective, it’s necessary to share your ride and driver’s details with your family members and friends you trust. Moreover, Ola Share is a new option available in the app where you can share your ride with others traveling on the same route.  


Talk to family members or friends while in a cab

Get on a continuous call with any of your family members or friends till you reach the destination. Also, share your cab details with them aloud so that the driver can hear it. This will make him feel scared in case any dirty intentions he has for you.


Take a route you are familiar with

Cab drivers often take a shortcut to reach fast but ask him to take a busy route or route which you are familiar with. Always keep one eye on the GPS and another on the route. 


Do not fall asleep

While you are traveling, especially at night, try not to fall asleep. This might make you lose the sight of a track and puts you in trouble.


Don’t take a cab alone when you are drunk

Never ever take a cab alone, if you are drunk. Ask your friend to come with you. Also, if you are a little drunk and tipsy, try acting like you are not drunk at all. Otherwise, it can make you look vulnerable. 


Always book a shared ride

No matter how much time it takes, always book a sharing cab to your destination. This will make you feel safe, especially girls.


Sit in the back seat on the passenger side

The seat will allow you to keep a close watch on the driver. Also, be wary if he asks you to sit on a certain seat.


Use the speed dial list for emergency calls

Check whether your family or friend’s number is in the speed dial list or not. In case of any emergency, you can press a button and get in touch with them in a few seconds.

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