10 Dining Table Etiquettes You Must Follow No Matter What

Different cultures have different etiquettes for dining table. This may differ from culture to culture or family to family. These dinning etiquettes are way to present or maintain social decorum. Sometimes bad eating habits area moment of huge embarrassment on dining table. Nobody likes eating with a person who eats in an uncivilized manner. Good etiquettes provides a good environment to dine. In order to avoid being a public embarrassment or in order to fit in different cultures and families, have a look at the table etiquettes you must follow.

1. Punctuality
Here is the most important rule you have to follow in day- today activity or at dining. If you are not punctual at the gathering it is an insult of others who are waiting for you on the table. To me, it’s just rude. So, first of all, always try to be in time and have some value for others time.
2. When to start?
In big gathering, you should wait for the host or for the announcement to start a meal. At times, when not many guests are gathered, you should wait for everyone to get served with food and then start your meal.
3. Serviette Rule
At our casual meal you should usually place serviette right onto your laps when you find your seat. On formal occasion you should wait for the host to remove serviette from table and unfold to his/her lap.

don't make noise

4. Handling Cutlery
Most of us are confused about handling cutlery correctly. Here is the simple rule you can follow on the table. Hold fork with the left hand with downward tines. You can use fork to spear and lift the food to your mouth. Knife should be held in the right hand, about an inch above the plate. Not hold cutlery too tight it can make noise with your plate.
5. Don’t Make Noises
Most common table manners are all about not to make noise while you are eating. No matter how crunchy is that, but maintain silence. It sounds too terrible for you or other when somebody makes noise while chewing his food near you. It disturbs you to actually enjoy the food. All attention can be grabbed by the chewing sound. Generally sound comes when people try to chew his/her food with open mouth. Sometimes it’s all coming out from your mouth and you try managing it into your mouth, sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t.
6. Always Serve Clockwise
Formal dinner needs being food served to your guest at the dining table. Serving start from the left side of the dining table. At informal meals, the host serves the food into the guest’s plates or simply passes the serving bowl. Take it as a reminder “ Clockwise Serving Rule”.
7. Place Your Elbows Carefully
Always remember never place your elbows on the table. Table is only used for keeping the plates and wine glasses. These things are more important than your elbows on the table. Always keep your things within our space not interfere with others space on table. Be satisfied with what space you have got on table!
8. While taking a pause
Ideally, when you take a pause for conversation or take a sip of your drink. Always keep in mind the placement of your knife or fork. Placement of your cutlery conveys different meaning. So be careful while placing your cutlery. When you need a pause over a conversation and leave your food to talk or take a sip of your favorite wine, the knife and fork need to be in center, making an angle in an inverted V.

9. Wait for others to finishTake them with you. The sign of gratitude to your host/elder is must. In some culture, you can’t get up earlier than host if you finished your food. It seems to be rude to the guest. You have to show some respect to your guest by just sitting on the chairs and relax for a while, at the time when host is dinning. I don’t think it as a big problem to just relax after intake of full plate dinner. Everybody needs that break of relaxation after full plate meal. So, just calm!

10. Take cutlery
In an informal or family meal the host is busy clearing plates and dishes after the meal. As to show a good gesture you should take your cutlery to the kitchen and leave for rinsing, if possible take others also. In formal gathering there is no need to think about just finish your business and let it be.

I think with these Dining Table Etiquettes you can win the heart of others and present yourself as a well mannered member at special occasions. These can easily match regardless of different culture and families.