Spiritual Athiest

Just like the heading of this piece of work, I’m a strange person. Hypocrite won’t be a good word to say, I’d rather call myself a paradox.

Talking of the spirituality, I’m a devotee of something which I know exists, but no one has ever had a rendezvous with its physical form. Don’t take me wrong with this statement. No, I’m not talking about God; I’m talking about the power whose one part resides in you and the other part is somewhere out there, both trying to coordinate with the symphony that your brain creates, and numerous thoughts in one’s subconscious mind that we generally ignore, for the sense they make are beyond explanation.


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Do you believe in coincidences?

You randomly think of someone who is not even in your contact list and suddenly you meet him in the coffee shop the next day?

Do you see strangers in your dreams and after a matter of time you actually meet them and think have they met before?

And intuitions, your inner self warning you not to go there or not to do that and yet you do it and something bad happens. You think these things are mere coincidences?

Or are the Gods trying to impress you with their magic tricks?

Or maybe it’s your brain that just knows things beforehand, the electromagnetic radiations that run the body, the signal from the universe to our receptor (brain).

What do you think about people who can predict the future or claim to predict what’s going to happen next? Some say they’re God or messenger of thy, some just ignore them thinking they’re trying to fool you.

Is it possible to control and mould your brain, train it to extract this information?

The Sub-Concious

What if the brain is the vault that has everything you need to know about the past and the future?

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Leonardo da Vinci sketched a helicopter at the era when the even wheels were not even invented!

Was he a God? Or he was just ridiculously convincing his mind, fighting against something that was next to impossible? Would you have believed him if you were put in the same era, or would you just have appreciated the peace of his work as art?

Did he master the art of extracting signals of the universe? Could he see the future? Or maybe you would have found those lines and measurements senseless thinking he’s paranoid?

Some Yoga masters claim that you can tell about the events that haven’t yet occurred merely by observation, meditation, and working on your breathing patterns. Are these patterns a key that opens different vaults of your subconscious. Is the future data already stored in them? These things look so simple and so complicated at the same time. If considered, can answer tons of questions that we name as miracles, after all, everything should have an explanation.

And the most important of all questions is- “Is time travel possible?”

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What if we are already existing in multiple parallel universes at the same time and our brain knows it all along.


The Oxford Dictionary of Psychology defines oneirophrenia as a ‘dreamlike state of consciousness.’

What if our dreams are also our reality in the other world.

One generally dream of things that are going around, or he read, see et cetera. But sometimes we see things that have no relevance to our surroundings or even life. Dreams that one wonders how can my brain build up to something like this, dreams that even a fiction writer won’t think of.

And yet you see it wondering it’s real. You’re occupied in your dreams, you grieve when something sad happens, you laugh when something you find funny, you are afraid when something spooky happens. And when you wake up, you are still left with the essence of those feelings on yourself. Sometimes you could not understand why you are feeling the way you are because nothing happened in your apparent real life to feel that way. Sometimes the dreams feel so real you could not recognize whether it actually happened or not.

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Sometimes I wonder if the dreams we see are trying to tell us something. There are just questions, lots of it and I’m sure they’ll be answered someday, maybe years later, or maybe centuries.