Social media taking over traditional media

How is new media beating the heat of traditional media?

In today’s world life is fast and people have barely have time to read newspapers. Development of new media, i.e., the social media to aware the audience is the new trend in today’s world.

Traditional media has not dissolved fully but automatically had taken a step back and even the major private media houses has started their news publishing over internet and developed applications for the audience to get the news instantly.

Laying down a few facts

  1. The internet has 4.4 billion users.
  2. The average time spent on social media is 142 minutes a day.

The facts above justifies how much time people are willing to spend on the social media or over internet.

Traditional media follows the old basic idea of presenting the news in a manipulated way and the term, ‘Yellow Journalism’ made traditional media lose its credibility. New media is referred to as the amalgamation of various platforms over internet.

Social media and other online platforms is becoming a platform for the public opinion. People are finally able to raise the issues. ‘Citizen Journalism’ is a common trend which allows the public to participate and raise the issues.


Social Media Vs Traditional Media

1. Cost

Social media is cost efficient. Less cost will allow the media house to invest in other regions. The metric used in the assessment is Cost-Per-Thousands impressions (CPM)

CPM of social media is less than 3$. In television CPM goes at 28$.

2. Accuracy

The bullet theory in the traditional media stimulates the audience with the restricted news. Firing the news flash with manipulation like bullets influences the mind of the audience. It can therefore have a negative impact on the audience. Therefore, traditional media has lost the credibility.

Social media has become a platform for the public to raise their opinions. Development of application allows the audience to get instantly notified about the updates.


Social media uses different kind of content to cultivate their trust.
Traditional media on the other hand forces an opinion on the buyer to target the people.

4. Feedback

New media is the two-way communication where the user can give their feedback instantly.

Traditional media is mostly a one way communication disseminating the information to end number of people.

Following the trend, new media has successfully taken over the traditional media. It’s more connected and accepted in the minds of people.

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