How can we get rid of social media addiction

Addiction usually refers to compulsive behavior that leads to negative effects. And social media addiction is a real thing, believe it or not. Social media cannot be ignored, that’s an established fact. But it doesn’t take much time to become thoroughly addicted. There is a very fine line between spending “some time” and “way too much time” on social networking sites. If you get to know about world’s current affairs through “Facebook #trends” then we have a problem. Take a break from your social media for one hour and assess how you feel. If you feel jittery or nervous, you might have an addiction. So how can we get rid of social media addiction? By a step-by-step method, getting rid of this habit is a process and won’t happen overnight. So all you need is patience and this list of ways to combat your social media addiction.

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9 ways to get rid of social media addiction:-


1. Accept your addiction

Do your friends constantly call out on you for being on your phone all the time? At a party, are you just updating statuses, snap-chatting, insta-gramming etc. and not actually interacting and socializing with the people there? Can't you get beyond the main course in a restaurant before you get out your phone and Instagram the beautiful sushi you just ordered?  If you nodded along with the above-mentioned points, then acknowledge the fact that you are indeed addicted. Knowing you’re at fault is the first step. This is where you begin working on yourself.

2. “Do I need to post this?”

Consider whether all the things you post are necessary. Do people really really need to know every time you’re eating something? Are you posting 7-8 selfies a day without any absolute reason? Sure, go ahead and express an opinion about an issue which concerns you, upload a picture or two about your latest vacation, spread positivity but don’t post something to prove that you’re having a good time. Here’s what you do – Be a Tough Editor. Pause and analyze what you’re posting, if it’s not entirely important, then don’t. Instead, try chatting with a friend or texting the picture to your mom. You could also jot down your thoughts in a notebook, or if you’re somewhere lovely, sketch the spot.

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3. Cut that buzzing sound off

The reason you’re constantly on your phone is that somewhere, someone is doing something and it is social media’s duty to inform you. One of the easiest and initial step to get rid of social media addiction is changing your notification settings. Notifications can kill concentration. When your phone is continuously buzzing, you’re bound to check. And one thing leads to another and it ends up in you being diverted from your work. Check the app at your leisure when you’re not busy.


4. Use the actual tool

If you use your phone as an alarm, the first thing you’ll do each day is stare at that screen. So what do you do? You buy an alarm clock. This way at least the first thing you wake up to won’t be your phone which we all know eventually just ends up in mindless scrolling through your feed for an hour on your bed. Another real life tool which can be used is a ‘To-Do List’ notepad. Now you don’t have to look into your phone every time you need to check what your next task is.



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5. Check With a Purpose

Most of us wander into social media aimlessly—usually when we’re bored. Ask yourself, do I have a specific purpose for this? If you can’t come up with one (say, forward an important message to a colleague), resist the urge and do something that will boost your mood, like calling a friend or diving into an engaging book. We all have a habit of using social media when we are ‘bored’, so next time, look around, check if your daily chores are complete if you’re through with all the work you are supposed to do and most importantly if you can do something more productive? 


6. Turn off the Wi-Fi

Here’ something you always need to keep in mind- nothing is running away. If you happen to take a break from your social networking sites, you won’t be missing out on anything important. How can we get rid of social media addiction? We cut the source off. We know we have to wake up early tomorrow but still after we’ve gotten under the sheets, we mindlessly surf the internet and lose track of time. So switching off the Wi-Fi at home before you get into bed will prevent you that wastage of time. Read a book instead and slowly drift away to sleep. And to add to that, staring into that screen in a dimly lit room has some serious health effects.

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7. Remove useless apps

You’ve definitely got some apps which you haven’t used in an eternity and these apps are not just taking up space but also alerting you with unnecessary notifications. We use 5 apps which do the exact same thing. Why? We don’t know. Phones have an option to show you which app you haven’t used in a long time so you can go ahead and remove it right away. Here is another link which mentions the steps for removing unnecessary apps- You could remove a few games and limit the number of social networks you use to only those most relevant to your work and personal life.

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8. Time tracking

Think also of the times that you find yourself unable to keep up with daily chores because you just watched “small puppy jumps on a trampoline” for 15 mins. With apps, email, and social media all at the tip of our fingers, we're constantly distracted by the mobile world. When nothing else works, we try to beat social media by social media itself! There are a number of apps which can help in this detox. Apps such as – Offtime (iOS, Android), Moment (iOS), BreakFree (iOS, Android), Stay on Task (Android), Flipd (Android) etc.

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9. One action at a time!

Focus. Focus on one task at that particular time. The majority of the time we find ourselves scrolling through our feeds while eating. Not only is this a bad habit, but also poses negative effects for our health. We should leave our phones aside when we are busy in another activity such as eating, cleaning, reading or watching TV. At whatever times, if you wish to get rid of this addiction, keep your phone away.  Start with using just one device at one time. Don’t be on your laptop, phone, iPad all at the same time.

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And lastly, avoid sleeping with your phone beside your head as it is said to have some serious repercussions. So make sure you keep your phone at a distance before you get into bed. In conclusion, it's never late to start. Tackle your addiction step-by-step and in no time you'll be walking into a much more healthier and productive life.

Written by Trisha Malakar



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