Sister Love

Do You Have a Sister?

sister hugging

The only lady who loves you the most after your mother is your sister. The word sister is of great importance in my life. Bringing a smile on her face would no less than a soul-satisfying moment for me. When a baby girl is born she brings lots of happiness to the people around just by her unique, shrill crying voice. She brings happiness to the family in which she is born and wins all the hearts but one fine day she has to go to some strangers family and there also she tries her best to spread the same amount of happiness.Sister love is never-ending.

Sister love 


Me staying away from my sweet little sister who is just 11 years old makes me realize that the valuable time I am missing, but staying away from her for a purpose and succeeding in that purpose will make her happy more than
anyone else. My sister is 6 years younger to me but still, she matches my height making me feel awkward. It has been 7 months that I haven’t visited my hometown. This is the first time ever that I have been away from her for such a long time. There is a very special thing about my sister. She has her birthday on 1 st of January, that is the first day of the year and we all celebrate her birthday marvelously.My sister starts to remind each and every one of her birthday. She loves surprises and the smile and the happiness which she possesses after getting a surprise is quite heartwarming for me.This time I have planned to go to my hometown on my sister’s birthday without telling anyone.

 What should I give to her?

I am very much sure that the smile and excitement she will be having on her face would be priceless. Giving a surprise is not the only way to bring a smile on her face. There are many other ways as well. As every girl, my sister is also fond of new latest fashion dresses, so gifting her some sort of dresses would easily bring a smile on her face.She has crazy about eyewear as in accessories and related stuff. If I could gift her a branded eyewear product, it would definitely bring a smile on her face but it will also bring anger my dad’s face.She loves to dance and I am just the opposite because I hate to dance as I am really bad at doing so. If I dance with my sister on a typical romantic or girlish type of songs with those cinematic steps, she would definitely be having a big smile, in fact, it would be laughter.She loves to travel to New places and till now she has not visited Mumbai where I am living. So she would be really very happy and excited to make her visit Mumbai or any other place.


She loves to read a thriller, so giving her a book ora novel will surely bring a smile on her face. She loves to ride a bike on a straight and silent road, so taking her on a long bike ride and allowing her to do so will bring a smile on her face.There are many other materialistic things such as her makeup and other stuff which can bring a smile on her face.She loves to eat Chinese and by living alone in such a big city and cooking every meal on my own, I can make quite good Chinese. So making something on my own which she likes would definitely bring a smile on her face. According to me, the smile and happiness which I want my sister to have on her face can only be brought by my success in my career.The day I am well settled, fulfill the dreams of my parents and family members, that smile and happiness on her face are what I want and I am definitely sure she wants the same.