10 Signs to know that your Relationship is going Downhill

Is your relationship falling apart in front of your own eyes? Do you feel like an option in your significant other’s life? Is there more bad than good in your relationship? Do you feel trapped and not enabled?These are 10 signs to know that your relationship is over:

Relationship is Over

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1. Do you trust your partner?

It is impossible to get over the fact your partner cheated, many couples do it and can become stronger as a result. For some of us, however, it’s a tough hurdle to get over. If you are not confidant enough or if you don’t trust your partner enough then it is time that soon your relationship is about to be over. Trust your gut, but back it up with evidence if you are able to before you confront your partner. 

2. Do you both Pick fights?

If you get to a point where you no longer resolve the issues and just fight all the time, then you need to think about how you want to continue your relationship. Picking fights with your loved one is a sign of irritation, unfortunately, the beginning of the end. Constant fighting leads to harshness in one’s relation and you are not as happy as much you had thought you would be.

Relationship is Over

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3. Do you’ll spend less time?

Is your partner more on social media than they are socializing with you? Is your partner giving you enough time and attention? Do you feel that your partner is avoiding spending time with you? If yes, then surely it is the time for you to rethink about your partner’s position in your life. Both of you have nothing to talk about.

4. Can you see your Future with your partner?

Do you and your significant other talk about future? Do you see yourself with him/her after one or two or ten years? If not, then, try doing something you both are interested in, give your relationship one last shot. If you still want to avoid them afterwards, then it’s time to avoid the relationship altogether. When you think of future, is he the last person? If yes, then you should surely have a break.   

5.  Do you always think about breaking up?

If you’re constantly trying yourself to reassure that you should stay in the relationship but struggle to come up with reasons of leaving it, then it is time for you to end the relation. If your gut feeling says that things are on the verge of ending, you might be right. If you constantly think about breaking up then it must be right and you should rethink about your relation with your partner.

6. Do you still respect and care for your partner?

If you are unable to respect and admire your partner as he/she is then it is pointless to be in such a relationship. If you think that your partner is not worth your admiration, you may be looking down at your partner or may even feel embarrassed by them. Do you still care for your partner as much you used to? If the answer is no, then you should surely rethink about your relationship.

7. Are there Boring or no conversations?

After the romantic period of a relationship, what is left is only talk. If your partner and you don’t talk about your life issues or your daily concerns then it is a sign that you need to re-think about your relation. Failing to communicate will leave a big void in your relationship and cause major problems. You should not be afraid of talking about deeper issues only because your partner’s and your thinking don’t match.

Relationship is OverImage Source: https://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.psychalive.org%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2009%2F06%2Funhappy-couple2.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.psychalive.org%2Fcommunication-between-couples%2F&docid=0PQS7AwS_c4yxM&tbnid=UbK07uu91VPasM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjskf6v6c_YAhXCNY8KHQSbB5EQMwhDKAYwBg..i&w=419&h=286&bih=769&biw=1600&q=couples%20not%20communicating&ved=0ahUKEwjskf6v6c_YAhXCNY8KHQSbB5EQMwhDKAYwBg&iact=mrc&uact=8

8. Do you both still share common interests and goals?

If your partner doesn’t share the same interests and goals which you have, it’s time to move on. People change and inconsistently. One’s thoughts, actions, behavioural patterns, everything changes with the passage of time. If you and your partner don’t share the same thoughts then being together will be difficult leading to arguments and fights. If you find yourself in stuck in a relationship where even your basic needs, wants, wishes, and life desires don’t align, dear, it’s time to move on.

9. Is your partner in the driver’s seat when it comes to how you live your life?

If one doesn’t accepts the way you are, then it is surely the time to break up. If your partner constantly tries to impose his\her decisions on you and does not allow to live your life as you want then it is a possibility that he is not comfortable with you and your way of living life. If your partner constantly stops you from doing things which you used to before being with him\her or forces you to cease your relation with your loved ones, then you should have a breakup.

10. Are you emotionally connected and is your emotional health suffering?

Are you still emotionally connected to your significant other? Do you always feel rejected? If depressed, fearful, anxious, frustrated, angry or hurt is how you feel the majority of the time then it is a warning sign for the health of your relationship and also your mental well-being. Do you always feel tired when you arte around your significant other? It is surely a time for you to terminate the relationship.