10 Secret Facts About Bigg Boss You Would Love to Know

Bigg Boss, which is based on a UK TV series is known as ‘Big Brother’ has since its launch in 2006, enjoyed wide viewership. It has now emerged as the most popular Indian TV reality show with a viewership of more than a million from across the globe. Every night people are glued to their seats to witness this high voltage drama. A fascinating concoction of romance, jealousy, hatred and friendship, Bigg Boss is a real treat for the TV buffs out there. Owing to its extensive coverage you probably are aware of the general format followed. However, there are also some awesome secrets that people seldom know about. Like did you know that from season 11, the house also has an underground jail which is dark, scary and with almost no amenities? Surprised? Well, keep reading to know some more shocking facts about Bigg Boss.

Unknown Facts About Bigg Boss

Here are some of the most interesting, mind-blowing and rarely known Facts About Bigg Boss that you would love to know.

Facts about Bigg Boss


The House Has a Cleaning Crew

Although cleaning activities are part of tasks assigned to the contestants, there is a separate cleaning crew which undertakes the majority of the cleaning work. The external help is hired for cleaning, cooking and other similar stuff. Contrary to the common belief, participants are only involved in minor cleaning and dusting tasks. The cleaning crew is not a part of the show that is aired on TV as they are not considered interesting and appealing enough.

Facts about Bigg Boss


Alcohol is Permitted

For obvious reasons, alcohol is officially banned on the sets of Bigg Boss house. However, what comes as a surprise is that it is actually permissible and provided in juice boxes to the contestants. Many contestants are habitual of consuming it on a daily basis, and thus even expecting them to live for months without it is absurd. So next time you see them sipping something keep in mind that it is not always juice.

Facts about Bigg Boss


Editors Have a Lot of Work

Editing is a huge task in reality shows like Bigg Boss which are meant for family audiences. This work becomes much more important in shows like Bigg Boss where participants are allowed to get intimate. Yes, you read it right. A hug, a kiss is a common scene but sometimes inmates get intimate beyond a certain a limit which is not a part of what you see on TV. This is because there is a well-defined list of rules which limit what can be aired on general TV and what is considered obscene. This tiresome task of removing all the objectionable material falls on the shoulders of the editors. They cut out all the intimate scenes and vulgar abusive language that the contestants use.

The Haunted Bigg Boss House

Multiple sources have claimed that Bigg Boss house is haunted. Contestants and crew members have reported instances of paranormal activity. There have been reports of a weird woman wandering about in the house or sitting in the corner. Some celebs have also claimed of having witnessed her sitting on their chest and trying to suffocate them.

Facts about Bigg boss


Napping During the Daytime

It is known that sleeping during the daytime is forbidden in the Bigg Boss house. However, what is surprising is that more often than not contestants do take a nap during the day time. For this, they use places that are hidden from cameras like behind a sofa or under the table.

The Actual Count of Cameras

Ever wondered about the number of cameras installed in the Bigg Boss house? Well they are responsible for monitoring each and every move of contestants and thus are expected to be plenty. But how many? Beginning with 32 in season 1 their number has risen to about 80 plus in season 11. They are robotic as well as stationary and cover both indoor and outdoor premises of the house. The only place not within their reach and where contestants can hope to heave a sigh of relief and have a few moments alone away from the public eye is the restrooms.

Facts about Bigg Boss


House is Located in a Hill State

How can an article on facts about Bigg Boss be complete without mentioning the location of the famous Bigg Boss house. The Big Boss house is located away from the chaos and hectic life of Mumbai in a scenic and a beautiful location. It resides in a hill state of Maharashtra known as Lonavala, which is a two-hour drive from Mumbai. As the house is surrounded by forests from all sides, its perimeter is often breached by snakes, spiders and other crawly such creatures.

Facts about Bigg Boss


House is Heavily Guarded

The Bigg Boss house is a heavily protected premises with special security systems. Only a few TV channel reporters, press reporters, and stars who come to promote their films are allowed access and that too only on certain days. All the rest are denied access to ensure minimum interference and distractions for the contestants.

Religious Books Are Not Allowed

Among all the above mentioned facts about Bigg Boss, this is undoubtedly the most surprising. Books including holy scriptures are not allowed inside the Big Boss house. If required, they can be obtained from the managing committee on request.


Payment of the contestants has always been an element of mystery for all Bigg Boss fans. So here are some amazing facts about Bigg Boss payment system. All the contestants are paid a minimum of 8 lakh rupees even if they get evicted in the first week. After the completion of the second week, the surviving candidates receive weekly payment which can range from 25k to 10 lakhs. The winner is awarded 50 lakhs. However, if one quits show midway, they have to pay a whopping fine of 2 crores.

Facts about Bigg Boss


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Hope you had fun knowing these amazing secret facts about Bigg Boss.