Product Review: Oppo F5 – The Messiah Of All Selfie Lovers!

Oppo just launched their new mobile phone Oppo F5 in India, just a few days later than they did in the Philippines. It comes in two variants – one with 4 GB ram and the other with 6 GB RAM. The 4 GB ram variant will be available within a week in India while the other one might take a month or so to be available.

Oppo's phones have always been camera-centric, and this is the reason why Oppo F5 immediately created a hype around itself. As interesting as this new launch is, let's look at these features of Oppo F5 that you must know before laying your hands on it.

Phone specifications :

– Internal space of 32 GB, expandable up to 256 GB

– RAM 4GB, 6GB

– 20 megapixels front camera, 16 megapixels rear camera with flash

– Android 7.1 Nougat

What is the hype all about?

There are certain features in this smartphone that would sweep you off your feet! The 20 megapixels front camera is endowed with al-beautification features, wherein it hides your flaws and makes you look more vibrant and upbeat. It, however, does not completely alter the texture or structure of your skin lest it might look gimmicky. It does not have a dual camera like it's the previous version, but it does have a wide range of picture modes to adhere to all your photo sessions. Well, everyone was almost expecting excellent camera features as Oppo has always advertised its mobiles as 'camera phones’.


Another very interesting feature is the bezel-less display that Oppo F5 offers. With the screen covering a maximum of the front body, the phone becomes way more handy with very less extra spare space, which had a chance of making it even larger. It looks extremely chic and trendy. The metal body complements the screen really well.


Oppo F5

Where can you get it?

The Oppo F5 has been launched at 19,990 INR. It will be available exclusively on Flipkart from 9th November 2017. Later on, it might be available offline as well. Flipkart is already taking pre-booking orders, offering exchange up to 18,500 on your old mobile phone. The 4 GB variant that is being launched now is available in 2 colors – black and golden.


Why should you buy it?

With an artificial intelligence ingested camera, you can literally see your eyes, nose, and chin become more highlighted and popped up. The selfie camera of Oppo F5 is one of the best selfie cameras out there. It is has a lot of settings that you can play with to customize it according to your own preference. The other features of this phone don't have anything very out of the box, but they are quite good in the price range that they are being provided at, which is not bad either. And if you still haven't realized it yet, the camera is to die for!

Like what Oppo F5 has to offer? Pre-book now on Flipkart!