Review: Hindi Medium

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Cast: Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal

Director: Saket Chaudhary

Story: Hindi Medium is a story of Raj and Mita who are happy couple and wants their daughter to study in a top English medium school but a sudden twist changes the scenario and they get into a big trouble and the only way to tackle it is to change the life style entirely for a small time.

Review: Hindi Medium deals with one of the most underrated problem of the society which is how we consider English speaking people premium class  while Hindi speaking people classless. Hindi medium movie has amazing story and a comedy with perfect timing which add fuel to the fire.

Raj (Irrfan) has a happening business in Chandni Chowk while Mita is struggling as hard as possible to generate the English environment to get Pia enrolled in a top English medium school. They change their home, lifestyle (from local cloths to designer ones, from bhangra to angrezi beat) just for the admission but fails to get the admission. Then they use the wrong way which is apply through 'Gareeb Quota' but this plan eventually backfires and now they have to live a poor (Gareeb) life. Here they met Shyam and his family who teach them some good life lessons.  At the end they succeed to get the admission but guilt of betraying Shyam bring them back in the right path.

Performance: Irrfan totally nailed the character of Raj who wants to be in high class but doesn't want to leave the desi swag too. Watching Saba as an dominating wife as equally entertaining. Deepak too was equally entertaining and leave you tear – eyed in his last scenes. Role of Amrita was less but still it was fine.

Loopholes: First half hour of the movie was kind of boring where what happens most is either tour of the 5 star school or Mita worrying about Pia but everything get covered when Raj comes in action. Second half too was overly dramatic considering the fact that it is and comedy theme movie. Climax of the movie was completely predictable but still at the end it is and good movie which flawlessly point out the loopholes of School system and Society system.

Dialogues in this movie are pretty awesome like 'is desh me English ek language and class hai' , 'India is English and English is India'. These dialogue literally shows the extent to which we give importance to English in India.

Director Saket gets the concept of this matter pretty right which is why we get to see such an awesome movie. Though initially the box office collection were quite less but good content and mouth to mouth publicity helps this movie to succeed and get a hit tag.

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