Reality TV Shows: Ticket to fame or Ticket to defame?

Reality TV shows have become quite popular in last few years. Some of the shows like fear factor, MasterChef and Indian idol have revolutionized the TV industry. Reality TV shows have changed many people’s lives in good ways and also in bad ways.

Reality TV Shows

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Are reality TV shows a ticket to fame?

When it comes to reality shows we expect a lot of drama, we expect a lot of fun, we expect any type of entertainment. People think of reality TV shows as a ticket to fame. Some people are willing to do anything for fame these days. They just want to be a center of attraction and for that, they are willing to go too far and ends up getting defame instead of getting fame. In an excessive desire for fame, they do not think about anything and are willing to do anything. People like these are what reality TV shows looking for nowadays. They want people who are desperate to do anything so that their shows ratings increase and can become the top show because more ratings mean more money goes into their pocket.

So, should we blame reality TV shows?

The answer is NO. We can’t blame only reality TV shows for whatever drama we see on televisions. We can’t even blame attention seeking people who can do anything just to get popular in reality shows. We are the only one who should be blamed for this. We are responsible for all the mess that we see on reality TV shows these days. Now, you may think why we are responsible more than the people who act in reality TV shows and creators or makers of the reality TV show? Why should we blame ourselves for the stupidity that people do for fame in reality shows? Well, the reason why we should blame ourselves is that WE WATCH all these absurd and obtuseness things that people do in reality shows. Have you ever wondered why the maker of the show shows us all these silliness things that people do? Because people watch these irrational kinds of stuff. People talk about these kinds of crazy stuff that people does and makes them popular. Which is exactly this kind of people wants and we inadvertently give them the attention that they want.

Reality TV Shows

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Now, these attention seekers people also need to understand that you can get people’s attention by doing some unnecessary things but it will be temporary. People will talk about it today and they will forget about it tomorrow because tomorrow some new incident will happen, someone new will take your place. People will forget about you and will never want to watch you because of some ungrateful things that you have done in past. In the end makers of the show always wins because for them you are just another puppet who will help them make some money and help them grow their ratings of the show. The more fuss you create on the show, the more you get defame and the more money they make. That is why in the end winner is always makers of the show.

Then does it mean reality TV shows are bad?

You may have heard that popular phrase, “if one fruit in the basket is rotten then it doesn’t mean remaining are bad too”. There are some reality TV shows out there which are purely based on talents. Shows like these are always good for people. We could learn a lot of great things from those talented people. There also drama based reality TV shows. People view these kinds of shows as a ticket to fame and are willing to do anything. This where things go unpleasantly. They think that they can win the show by always making some fuss in the show but unfortunately it never happens. Things never go that way.

People need to understand that no reality TV show will ever make you famous or give you the respect of people. The only thing that will bring you so is the rightful things that you do in life. You must do things such that when you leave, people will remember the value that you left. Then only people will see you as a value of honor.