Some Interesting and Important facts about the Presidents Car

The President is the most important person in a country. Likewise, he is provided with an official state car mainly due to security reasons and definitely not comfort! An official state car is to have adequate security, capability, and stateliness for its duty. A limousine, an executive car or a sports utility vehicle is usually selected. Many of them also take these cars along with them for visits to other countries. On the contrary, when it comes to Indian leaders, they generally use the vehicles supplied by the host country. The president's car is a powerful and secure one.

presidents car


Brief Details

The President of India travels in a black Mercedes-Benz S Class S600 W221 Pullman Guard Limousine. It meets the protection class BR7-level which is the highest. Indian presidents car doesn’t carry a registration plate. Instead, it has India’s National Symbol, the Ashoka Pillar in place of the number plate. Our first president Rajendra Prasad’s official car was a Cadillac convertible which was imported from the United States of America. For security reasons, no one knows in which car the president would come. The Presidents car, Mercedes-Benz S Class S600 W221 Pullman Guard Limousine weighs over 3 tons. This beautiful looking monster car is made in Stuttgart, Germany.

presidents car


When we look into the core of this beauty it comes powered by a 5.5-liter twin turbo petrol engine. The fuel tank has a capacity of 90 liters. It is powered by a twelve-cylinder bi-turbo engine with a cubic capacity of 5513cc. Obviously, the output is 380kW(517 hp) and comes with a cool 830 Nm of torque. Furthermore, it is designed to run on flat tires for several hundred kilometers.

Defense Systems

However, defense mechanisms that Presidents car boasts of are also really commendable. The Presidents car can survive attacks from handguns up to .44 Caliber, military rifle shots. Interestingly some explosive devices ranging from bombs to missiles as well. In addition, an automatic call is made if any of the 8 dual stage airbags or seat belt tensioners deploys. On the positive side, the 90-liter fuel tank is self-sealing with an automatic fire extinguisher on board. However, it also has an emergency fresh air system.

presidents car

To Kill Boredom

Firstly it comes with an integrated entertainment system ensuring that the president can unwind by listening to some music or catch up with TV or news. Secondly, there is a stereo sound system as well with a hard-drive-based GPS satellite navigator. And a Tele Aid that uses GPS tracking and cell phone service to provide assistance. Generally speaking, the spacious passenger cabin has two rows of individual seats allowing the president to have face-to-face meetings. In fact, it also has a thermostat-controlled refrigerator with the rear seats to enjoy a cool drink in a heated discussion! Certainly, all these features don’t come cheap; it costs a whopping Rs.10-12 crores given these points.

As has been noticed this custom built limousine is a representation of luxury and extravagant interiors which is barely noticeable. With this in mind, once he enters, he is free from the noise outside. A soundproof glass partition separates the president's portion from the driver's portion. Another key point is that it has a high rear roof too for emergency exit. Notably, the interiors feature an exotic wood trim, high-grade leather, and results in an elegant yet simple look. Individual rear seats are having massage, multicontour and ventilation functions.


Let us have a brief comparison with America’s Beast. 
The American President calls his car a Beast. There are shot guns for a counter-attack and tear gas cannons on both front and back of the car. Additionally, these are not visible to anyone. It has night vision cameras on the grill. Secondly, a satellite phone directly connected to the Vice President and the Pentagon. It weighs 8 tons and costs about 15 million dollars.

presidents car