Places to Visit in Kinnaur

Kinnaur is one of the twelve administrative districts of the beautiful Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The district is separated into three administrative areas Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar (Bhabanagar), and has six tehsils. The administrative headquarters of this district is in Reckong Peo. The mountain peak of Kinnaur Kailash is situated in this district As of 2011, it is the second less populous district of Himachal Pradesh (out of 12 districts), after Lahaul and Spiti. let’s have a look at Places to Visit in Kinnaur.

Kinnaur himachal, Places to Visit in Kinnaur
Kinnaur Himachal, Places to Visit in Kinnaur

The most famous and popular place to visit in Kinnaur

  • Kinner Kailash Circuit Trek
  • Sarhan
  • Baspa River
  • Sangla Valley
  • Rupin Pass
  1. Kinner Kailash Circuit Trek

Circuit trek
Circuit trek

One of the riskiest treks in the Indian Himalayan region, the Kinner Kailash Parikrama trek takes you into a deep wilderness of the Kinnaur region in Himachal Pradesh. The most scenic and remotest regions of Himachal, located near to the Indo-Tibetan border. 

2. Sarhan

Sarhan is a small village located in the state Himachal Pradesh of India. Sarhan is the site of the Bhimakali Temple, and the temple is also known as Bhimadevi Temple, devoted to the mother goddess Bhimakali, the presiding goddess of the king of the former Bushahr State. The temple is located about 170 kilometers from Shimla and is one of 51 Shakti Peethas in India. The village is known as the ‘gateway of Kinnaur’ it is located near the old Indo-Tibetan Road.

Why is Kinnaur Going Popular Among the Travellers?


3.Baspa river

Baspa river, Places to Visit in Kinnaur
Baspa river, Places to Visit in Kinnaur

Baspa River originated near the Indo-Tibetan border and forms the Baspa Valley (also famous by the name Sangla Valley) – one of the most scenic in the Himalayas region. The Chung Sakhago Pass situated on the head of the valley It is fed by the perennial glaciers and connected with the catchment area with the Ganges. Baspa starts from the Baspa hills, joins the Sutlej River from the left bank near Karcham, the upper and the middle slopes of the valley along the river are covered with the scenic pine and oak forests, Pastures, meadows, and fields cover the lower slopes. Some of the most stunning villages in the Himalayas can be found here.

4. Sangla valley

In the Baspa Valley, there is a quaint little town called Sangla that will win you over, many many thanks to its immense charm and personality. You’ll fall in love with the light-heartedness of beautiful Sangla Valley and that soul of adventures. Naturally rich, thought-provokingly deep, Sangla Valley located perched on slopes near the carries banks of Baspa River one house atop the next, Sangla offers the amazing quintessential Himachali experience.

5. Rupin Pass

Rupin pass trek
Rupin pass trek

Rupin Pass is a high height pass across the Himalaya mountain range in the state of Uttrakhand India. It is located on a traditional shepherd and hiking route which originated from the Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends in the Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. The path is also located across mostly uninhabited areas in the Himalayan ranges at an altitude of 15,250 ft above sea level.