Best 5 Places to Travel Alone in India

Traveling is always enjoyable, irrespective of you are travelling with a group of friends or a few members of your family or even with your partner. In fact, a passionate traveller does not even need a companion. The trend of solo travelling is getting popular throughout the world. Basically, travelling alone has some added benefits. You shall travel on your own terms. There will not be any liabilities or responsibilities. You can plan your itinerary as you prefer without being concerned about others. Most importantly, travelling alone is money saving as well. So it's time to pack your bags and travel alone in India for some amazing places.

Some of the Best Places to Travel Alone in India

India is an ultimate destination for many international and domestic tourists. This country is known for its diversity. Thus, it is quite obvious that you shall come across various reputed tourists places around different parts of this country. Among these tourist places, you need to search for the ideal destinations for solo travelling. So, here is a list of places that you should explore as a solo traveller.

1) Gangtok, Sikkim

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Capital of the smallest state of India, Gangtok is known for its ravishing natural splendor. This small hill station is crowned as one of the most important hill stations of Northeastern India. Surrounded by mountains, valleys and lush greeneries, this place will deliver excellent convenience in travelling alone. For solo travellers, safety has always been a concern. Sikkim has pretty low crime rate and thus it can be termed as one of the safest places in India. It is not difficult to get accommodations at Gangtok. Plenty of local car hire services are also there. You can check Zoomcar Coupons for renting cars at the most affordable cost to explore surrounding areas of Gangtok.

2) Goa

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Goa is a place for everyone. It is always known to be an excellent place for bachelors who want to enjoy a great time with friends. It is a perfect destination for newly married couples or honeymooners. Furthermore, it is also a place for the solo travellers. A lot of reasons are there to travel alone at Goa. You can get scooter or motorbike for hire at this place. Roaming across various popular destination of Goa alone would not be a hassle at all. Sea beaches are definitely the main attractions, though this place offers excellent nightlife. Local pubs and exotic seafood restaurants are definitely the places where you would like to hang out. For accommodation at nominal cost, you can check Cleartrip Coupons.

3) Nagaland

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Northeast India is a hidden treasure, especially for nature lovers. Solo travellers often want to explore offbeat tourist destinations. That is why Nagaland is the place which is highly recommended. Exotic foods of Naga tribe and their lifestyle are the main attractions, apart from untamed virgin natural splendor. A trip of 7 to 10 days would be perfect to explore some major tourist spots of this state of India.

4) Varanasi

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Known to be one of the oldest cities of India as well as Asia, Varanasi boasts of its history and heritage. The city is considered as the ultimate destination for Hindu pilgrimage. However, at the same time, it has turned into a place to be explored by solo travellers. Narrow lanes or alleys, huge population, busy streets, boat ride on Ganges, evening worship session at various ghats and many other things are there to be explored.

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5) Coorg

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Coorg is a budding tourist destination in India and this place is particularly famous among solo travellers. This hilly region of the state of Karnataka has an excellent charming atmosphere as well as weather in offering. The place is known as the home of Coorgi tribe. They are hardworking, friendly and intelligent people. You should try traditional Coorgi dishes and explore various trekking routes at this place.

We hope you had already made your mind for travel alone in India and explore these awesome places and build some unforgettable memories.