Paragliding in Gangtok

Flying like a bird up above the sky from where we can see almost everything and everyone stayed only a fantasy until the adventurous experience of paragliding came to the world. There are numerous places in the world today, where we can indulge and live our fantasy for real. But if we are short of money or cannot go too far but wish to indulge in this experience then paragliding in Gangtok is what we need to add in our bucket list.


Gangtok is one of the North-east’s charming cities and offers a proper adventure-packed experience to all those travellers whose feet itch on the ground. There are only two locations in Gangtok where we can enjoy paragliding. However, the offices’ operators for booking our flights during our trip can be found at multiple locations. So the places for paragliding in Gangtok are as below.

Baliman Dara – Resithang Village

This place is located near the city and serves as a take-off point for the Medium Fly flight. It is situated at an altitude of around 1400 metres and we can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole town. The landing point is the stadium field of Resithang Sports Village.


Bulbuley Dara

It is located further up from the Resithang Village. This place is the take-off point for the High Fly flight. It is situated at a height of 2200 metres and offers an unobstructed view of nature’s mesmerizing beauty in the city of Gangtok. This is one of the best places for paragliding in Gangtok.


Paragliding cost in Gangtok

Price is often a concern when it comes to indulging in experiences that seem too adventurous or fancy. While some of us stay unaffected by it, some travellers like to manage their budget. Gangtok’s paragliding is something we must experience once in our lifetime. As far as the money is concerned, this experience is worth every dime.