Mumbai’s lil flea outdoor market is coming to Delhi!

Are you saturated with the outdoor markets Sarojini and Lajpat Nagar? Say no more, this time you're going to have a three-day carnival consisting not only of clothes and jewelry but a dozen other exciting additions! The very loved and famous Lil flea market of Mumbai is setting foot in Delhi, that too in the coming September. Tie your shoelaces as we give you plenty reasons why you just shouldn't give it a miss.

outdoor market
Do you know what exactly a flea market is? 

It spaces rented out to various vendors to put up their stalls of marketable goods. It can either be an indoor or an outdoor affair. In the case of Mumbai's lil flea, it is an outdoor market filled with extravagant stuff. It can consist of used as well as new goods, collectibles, handicrafts, and antiques to name a few.

outdoor market
What is being in the lil flea outdoor market like?

The lil flea outdoor market is an annual event. You will see a number of stalls lined with bakery, food, funky jewelry, clothes, and what not. There's usually a stage on which the local bands are given a shot. You can expect your favorite indie band in the next lil flea, as the list of bands performing and vendors setting up their stalls has not been finalized yet.

You can also call it entrepreneur's paradise, as what you will see all around you will reflect the young, entrepreneurial India. Upcoming food brands, upcoming food brands, upcoming shoe brands, these are what fill up the market, rather than established ones that already have a fan base of their own.

outdoor market

So mark your calendars! The lil flea market is coming to Delhi on a weekend, 22nd to 24th September. The venue is Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Isn't that simply great? If you have a wanderer vibe going on, trust us, this is the place you want to give it a head start in. Get your experimental gang ready, and buckle up to experience a plethora of amazing stuff on a single platform.

The lil flea outdoor market is a tribute to creativity, to new minds coming up with new ideas, and an ode to those who have the heart to present themselves on a platter for the world to see. It will have the coolest artists, chefs, mavericks, designers, and, of course, startup. Let's go and give our bit of support to these guys!