Mount Abu: the taste of fresh air.

Mount Abu is the only hill station that is located in the state of Rajasthan. This mountain is a major tourist attraction because it’s consists of an amalgamation of all the Rajasthani flavours. Other than it is full of greenery and has a really cool atmosphere. One can just sit here and get away from their hectic schedules and get an experience that they can never forget. This is a region every nature lover should definitely visit once in their life. This hill station consists of things like temples, picturesque points, boating, trekking, etc. One can not only get a fresh breath away from the city here but one can also regain their religion. For all the shopping freaks out there Mount Abu has huge markets where one can find authentic Rajasthani as well as Gujrati articles.

Tourist attractions in Mount Abu-

1]Dilwara Temple-

Located only three km away from Mount Abu the Dilwara Temple is a major tourist attraction here. This temple was built during the 11th to 13th century and it is known for its opulent use of marble as well as the delicate carvings on every hook. Out of these Vimal, Vashi is the most famous one. People who love architecture usually go bonkers when they visit this temple because you enter the inside there are stunning designs and patterns carved on roofs, walls, archways and pillars.

2]Nakki Lake-

Nakki lake also known as Nakki Jheel is a paradise for all the nature lovers. Because it’s a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and different ranges. This lake is not natural it’s man-made it’s the first man-made tank and it is 11,000 meters deep. One can go for boating here too and whilst boating they can observe the beautiful green ranges, mountains and strangely shaped rocks. There is a famous rock nearby which looks like a toad who is trying to jump into the lake. It’s a heaven for nature lovers and photographers.

3]Brahma kumaris-

Brahma kumari spiritual University is a non-governmental spiritual organization that was founded Dada Lekhraj Kripalani in 1930. This group consist of an international family who practices yoga every day. It also consists of a museum that displays the knowledge given by Lord Shiva. This ashram is spread across 50 acres which provides the followers ample of space to meditate and get spiritual peace. This ashram has its centre in about 100 countrie

4]Mount any wildlife sanctuary –

This sanctuary is one of the oldest parts of mount Abu and has numerous places for sightseeing. One can witness breathtaking views here and it is probably the best place to observe the flora and fauna of Rajasthan. This sanctuary is an important eco-tourism spot. It is spread across a distances 288km. The wildlife sanctuary also consists of indigenous rocks with large cavities. This is yet another spot every nature lover should visit.

5]Ragunath Temple-

Shri Raghunath temple is a temple that is located on the shoes of the Nakki lakh. It is said that Lord Raghunath will save all his followers from all the natural calamities and is believed to liberate one from the pain and problems of life. One can see the architectural heritage of the Mewar in the delicate carvings and the beautiful paintings and the inscriptions that can be found on the walls of the temple. This temple is over 650 years old. It is a really beautiful site to visit one can look the architecture here and get inspired.

6]Honeymoon Point-

The Honeymoon Point in Mount Abu, at an elevation of 4000 foot. This site offers some breathtaking picturesque views. During the sunset the sky looks like a canvas which has been painted yellow and red. One can get fresh air here away from the world. It is named honeymoon point because of the two rocks that resemble a man and a woman. It is a popular spot for couples to click photos.


Mount Abu has marvellous shopping markets when one can find really authentic items. They can find Rajasthani as well as Gujrati products here. There are things like beautiful handicrafts, Kota Sarees, bangles, Jaipuri quilts, products made from marbles and limestone. Other than there are Gujrati apparels, accessories , etc.

Other than that Mount Abu has a lot to offer. Because it’s a whole new experience altogether. A hill station in the state where most regions are deserts it’s rare. One can visit this region to get a cold breeze once they’re done with touring Rajasthan.

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