Best ways to stay Motivated and Key to Success

Motivational Khichdi

Here is a small effort made by Viral Khichdi  through some motivation quotes to keep you determined and focused so that you can work on your dreams and make them your reality some day.Immerse yourself in to this beautifully curated motivational gallery to keep yourself moving throughout the day.Hope our effort would do you something good.It would make us happy even if it makes a small impact.

Needs vs. Wants

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The Real Treasure

Be a pirate of books.Read a lot,invest some of your time in to reading.Not only it will take you places without actually traveling but it will also brighten your thinking,your imagination.Cluster several books one by one and in a few years you will have a treasure which would make even the real pirates jealous.Reading numerous books is like getting to know different people from different places and diving in to their experiances.The kind of calmness good books induce can not be compared with any drug,it's an ecstacy of it's own.

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Be The King

Take control of your life,take your own decisions.Don't be a slave to your situations,don't act like a pawn for others.Take your decisions on your own and never let anyone else exploit you.This is your life,you own it more than anyone else.So if it's a game then be the king not the pawn,because if you'll be the pawn then the chances are that others will fulfill their motives at your cost.Harm no one,just make sure that no one takes advantage of you and guide those who you think are being the pawns in their own life.

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Grab Your Opportunities

We keep stressing over our lost chances,our past opportunities and in all this mess we don't realize sometimes that what we have right now can be even better than that.The opportunities around us could be so appropriate,all we have to do is to look closely.Keep track of things and understand our needs,what exactly are my goals?
Talk to yourself when you are alone and decide how you should grab an opportunity because sometimes we can clearly see what we want but don't know how to grab it.There are always those paths which you can take to achieve your goals,some are less traveled while some are commonly chosen by others.It's you who has to find out that the paths exist and they can help you get to your dreams and then only you have to make sure how you are going to take on that path so that it leads you to your destination in time.May be you have a skill which is good,but what good would it do if you are using it at the wrong place? Just like what good a fishing rod would do to to a mason?
Utilize your skills in the right area and grab your opportunities like a boss.

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Sky Is Not The Limit

Know your limits,know how far you can go.Ask yourself that up to what extent are you ready to fight for your dreams? Explore yourself,know your strengths and conquer those areas which are not your strength right now.There is no such thing like 'weakness',it's all in our mind.It's all in our hands,it has always been! So from now on start exploring yourself first,find out who you really are,what can you do to get to your dreams,what can you do for others so that even they can realize their dreams.When you get to your limit give your all to go past it and make sure that it's no more your limit.
Our dreams are limitless,then why should our actions have limits?

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Be On The Peak

Be one of the few.We look at people who are really successful in their life and instantly think that how did they managed to do it? Then we doubt our own capabilities.What we forget in all this is that those successful people are also one of us,they were not like this from the start.They worked their way up! So stop questioning yourself and start acting for what you want.You have to be on the peak,not only because you dream of it but because you can reach there.Help others in your way up,find your path and then guide others. Soon you'll find yourself on the top,the path may be tough but all of us know that it would be worth it.

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The Key Is Persistency

There is nothing like becoming strong. No one is weak. All you need is to be persistent. Believe in your cause and if you think that you are doing good then just keep on going no matter how much you are opposed, no matter how much people criticize you just keep on going until you achieve your goal.
Just like how a river finally merges in to the sea.

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Embrace Your Wreckage!

So what if you are a little bit broken? So what if you are a bit lost?We all get lost for a while sometimes,but dont be afraid.It's not permanent,this phase will pass too.Up untill then,don't lose hope,be patient and accept your flaws. Take care of yourself because if you won't then who else will? Be happy even if you are a wreck right now,just make sure that you are a beautiful wreck.A beautiful soul and a beautiful mind. Sail like a wreck for now and then be so good that the waves will bow down. But till then..
Be a beautiful wreck.

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Bad Times Are Not Permanent

The light always cracks darkness with it's dawn. Rise above your difficulties and shine with your true potential. Share the word, share the vibe.

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Key To Success

Keep a track of all things happening around you.Always have a backup plan and never reveal your next move to anyone.
Keep it simple
Don't harm anyone,just keep yourself out of harm's way too.
Analyse everything and that is called thinking complexly and acting simply.

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Peace Is The Answer

Ask a person who has witnessed war,can he see all that again? Can he go through all of that again? All that suffering,turmoil,lose of life,ruined childhoods is like a nightmare.Calling for a war is easy but only the sufferers know how high of a cost it brings.The world should be at peace as mankind is a family all together and every person should stand for one another.

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