Modi Government has MODI-FIED or MODERNISED this Young India?

Everyone is just so busy in blaming and speaking rubbish about this Modi government that no one really looks into the other aspects that he is The Honorable Prime Minister of India and not some political leader, a lot of his counterparts have said: “what has YOUR prime minister done?” I mean what is this? Therefore the first word that comes to me is whoever has said this is a doofus. On the other hand, because of some stupid political leaders who eventually raise questions on a government that we have elected, we are made to ask this question to ourselves and others that what is this Modi government doing? Is it really working for India or just trying to retain BJP for 2019 elections? Let us give ourselves a reality check-

1. Our economy is now on 10th and is forecast to reach to 3rd in less than 15 years.

2. As a matter of fact, we are one of the fastest developing nations in the world.

3. We are doing a commendable job in space research.

4. We are on the verge of Swachh Bharat (Open Defecation Free by October 2019).

5. Our Defense Forces are exemplary.

6. Make in India – Getting more employment opportunities for our people.

Modi Government
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And much more…. But I want to ask you that has Modi done this or we as the citizen of this country have helped him in it. I say that we the people of India have done it and he(Modi) has just given us the right direction.


Right or Wrong?

People actually question the promises that Modi government made to us. Yes, they have made certain promises and most of them have been completed or are going on but there are some which have not been done. Clean up Ganga, National Optical Fiber Network across villages, Digitization of Government records, E-Governance plan and the list continues to 42 promises that they made in their election manifesto in 2014. But think about Deployment of Fiber across villages in India it does take time and at the same time, we need to give them a year and a half to work on projects like these.

Modi Government


And just to bring this to everyone’s notice that this government has fulfilled most of its promises as even The Hindu gave them 70/100 according to September 2016. And we are heading into mid-2017. So there is still a lot of time for this government to increase that scorecard and public’s support.

Have you heard of any scam that has been done under Modi government? The answer is NO. Reality is no different from what it seems to be. Whatever is being done by this government is truly appreciable. ISRO is also doing pretty well with this government. Over the past 2 years, our country’s space division is doing great work one of them being the MANGALYAN (Mars Mission). We became the first country whose satellite launch was successful to Mars. Another impact was DEMONETIZATION. The common man who used to be dependent on his daily wages which were paid to him in cash was cooperative in this movement as that city was proud of this move. And a fact of the matter, this demonetization move was a successful one.

Modi Government

Modi Government


Modi government has taken some major steps in this country’s development which were the highlights of these 3 years of government. Some of them are

a. GST Implementation is regarded as the biggest move by them.


c. Jan Dhan Scheme (Financial Inclusion of Every Individual who does not have a bank account).

d. Removing Subsidy on LPG resulted in Rs.300 crores of annual saving for the government.

They have been doing all these for the goodwill of people. For instance, the GST implementation is going to help the common man as this will remove multiple taxes on a good and reduce that to one tax.

Modi Government


Another important and commendable move was to implement Jan Dhan Yojna. It is brought into existence just to ensure that every Indian be it from rural or urban sector gets into the mainstream banking system. This will aid the financial status of account holders as well as foster the social security goals of central government.

People are able to see the reality but the opposition government instead of working for the country and benefits of people are reluctant in letting down the ruling government. As people of this great nation have started dealing with situations more actively, they choose the right candidate for themselves due to that only this Modi led government has come into power. As the opposition wants to get back into the ruling side but I as an individual doesn’t see that happening in next 5 to 10 years.