Most Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Hollywood has given us many amazing movies to watch over all these years. Irrespective of the genre, we have witnessed several masterpieces that have made a mark in our minds. Their perfection is such that when we are asked about our favorite movie, we have to think and then answer as we have got so many great choices. Even though time passes by and new movies get released, we cannot forget certain ones. Here we bring you a collection of the top ten mind-bending movies of all time, and definitely, it was a difficult task to pick only five of them:


Of course, ‘Inception’ must be on this list as no one can ignore the magnificence of Christopher Nolan’s direction. A scientific fiction that confuses you in judging what is real and what is not is on the top of the list of most mind-bending movies of all time. Understanding the movie while you keep all pieces together correctly is a huge task. And what doesn’t come as a surprise is the fact that it took 10 years for Nolan to write the movie’s screenplay.

Mind bending movies
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This movie which revolves around a man whose only mission in life is to avenge the rape and death of his wife. But he suffers from short-term memory loss, a health condition in which he forgets things within a short period of time. In the movie, the lead role Leonard is seen with tattoos that depict important things to be done all over his body. Though you keep guessing what is going to happen until the end, you are definitely going to be surprised with the twist in the tale.

Mind bending movies
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The Leonardo DiCaprio starrer is one of the best psychological thrillers that have been made till now. You are certainly not going to sleep the night you watch this movie as the movie compels you to think and analyze what you have watched all through the night. And there is no assurance that you understand it by the next morning! Sadly you wouldn’t easily understand who the protagonists and the antagonists are. Big challenge ahead.

Mind bending movies
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‘The Matrix’ movie is a computer hacker guy named Neo who is living two lives. Oh, that came as a surprise? He lives one life as a hacker and the other life as a normal guy with a day job. Eventually, he meets a group of people who claim to know the truth behind what he is experiencing. But something different awaits his life and he falls into a situation where he has to choose one path. Though I would like to reveal more about this movie, I believe in no-spoiler policy. Put this movie on your must-watch list now!

Mind bending movies
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If you love the performance of Christian Bale as Batman, then watch this movie to know his dedication towards movies. He lived on coffee and apples to become what he looks like in this movie, ‘The Machinist’. He plays the role of a person who suffers from insomnia and is unable to perceive what is real and what is not. Pretty surely, you are not going to get up from your couches until you finish watching the story.

Mind bending movies
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Well here is our list of top mind-bending movies of all time; do you have any other option? Please comment on the name of the movie which you think can make it to this list.