Midnight Munchies

Of course, you want to eat  ice cream  at  3 AM  in the morning.

While, you are watching your favorite show maybe GAME OF THRONES  or vampire  diaries or friends. Not only ice-cream you may want big slices of PIZZA. Who doesn’t  crave for  a  midnight meal. A  person ought  to feel  hungry at  night if you are not asleep by  maybe  12 AM.  But is  mid-night craving  for food  good for  oneself? 

Well, the answer is YES.

There is no harm in eating at  night but  only if you are eating  something healthy ,  by healthy  doesn’t  mean  green vegetables but  eating by right way or  by choosing  a right food  to eat.

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Perfect Snacks For Late-Night Munching

HERE  are some of the  perfect snack that may  calm down your  late night craving for  food,  or may  act as a  substitute.

No bake  BROWNIES. One that  does  not  contain  any sweet  in  it  or  white  flour, they have  less  calories  in  them,  and  may  not  be  fatty  or  make you fat.

Sweet chilly, tangy  tomato  or craving  for  any  kind  of  potato  CHIPS  here’s  what  you  can  do,  instead  of  digging  into  a  bag  full  of  crisps, instead  bake  a  batch  of  salted  carrot  chips. By  this effective way  your  calories will only  lessen  up  and your  intake will  also  be  done.

Cheddar  CHEESE , cheese  spread yumm, who  doesn’t wants to  have  cheese  sandwich  at night  so  instead  of  having  a heavy  cheese sandwich  make  a sandwich  by  whole  wheat  bread and  low  fat cheese  and  yes  a lot  of  veggies  that  will definetly  increase  your  taste and  make it healtier.

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Everyone’s  favourite PIZZA  yes intake  of  pizza  is  quite  fatty one  may not  burn  fats  easily  because of pizza so  instead  of  pizza  go  for  quinoa  polenta  pizza  bites that  hit the  spot. 

HERE  comes our  drinks  time, so  go  healthy take  a glass of green juice instead of carb diet  this  will also reduce ANXIETY if a  person  is building  it up.