Marvel’s Super Soldier

After reading the title, the first name might have came into your mind would be none other than Captain America. If so, then you are not the only one who got confused. But today we are going to talk about an under-rated soldier of the Marvel Cinematic Universe popularly known as the Black Widow and her upcoming standalone movie which is all set to kick off Marvel Phase 4.

Natasha Romanoff, the special SHIELD Agent was seen first in the Iron Man (2010) where she appeared as Tony’s assistance and later on was found to be working for Nick Fury. After a decade, she is finally getting a solo movie just like other characters prevailing in the MCU. The Black Widow movie is set to be released on May 1, 2020. We are going to discuss about a few Easter eggs that could be assumed from the 3 trailers of the upcoming blockbuster.

First things first, The Black Widow is a prequel. Yes! It was rumored for a long time but in the recent interview with David Harbour, it was confirmed that this movie is being set in the gap created between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Natasha Meeting her Family


Just before the commence of Infinity War, Romanoff can be seen returning to what looks like ‘her family’ of Black Widows. In the first trailer, she appeared to be a battling against Taskmaster along with her so called Sister (Yelena) and Father (Red Guardian). However, the main objective of the trailer is to depict that Natasha will eventually stop running from her past. It is important for her to finally close the chapter of her past, especially after we know what’s waiting in the Avengers: Endgame. Fans will see Nat in a new avatar where she would be wearing a white suit and kicking asses.

Introducing the Villain


Meanwhile, the second trailer featured a lot of footage that was also found in the first preview of the movie. It was more focused on Taskmaster, the lead antagonist featuring in the movie. The masked man or maybe woman carries on theme of copying the Avengers fighting styles. But is the Taskmaster against or on the side of new wave of ‘Black Widows’, the truth will only be unleashed in the sequel. We can’t say much about the movie just from the trailers as obviously the Directors want us to watch it in the theatres. It certainly adds enough to the maelstrom of the hype building before its release.

The Beginning of a New End


The final trailer that was released about 65 days before the mega launch increased eagerness among the fans. No doubt, Nat went back to where she actually belong but she will encounter some of her old enemies, including someone who made her, the Taskmaster. The final fight will we the real show stopper of this amazing film.

Special Appearances


Fans will see some of their favorite characters too in the coming prequel of Marvel Timeline.

First up is probably the biggest one: Robert Downey Jr. A great news for all the Iron Man fans out there, Tony Stark will be returning almost a year after his departure in Avengers: Endgame. If rumors are to be believed, the cameo will be directly picked up from the Civil War deleted scene, where Stark would be telling Nat to make a run for it. This will definitely fit in the timeline before the battle between Thanos and all other Avengers.

You can also see General Ross in the trailer who was best known for his antagonistic role in The Incredible Hulk (2008). His role is not yet clear but will be shown as an impostant character in The Black Widow.

Plot of the Movie

Now the question is, what can we expect from The Black Widow movie? The exact storyline is not actually revealed as the trailers didn’t gave much of spoilers. But we can surely say that Nat would be working alongside the previous Black Widows against a new threat led by the Taskmaster. To know the truth behind the Nats history with her sisters, I think the only option is to watch this movie after its Global Launch. This will be a fantastic start to the new phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe.