Worried About Late Night Cravings? Stay Healthy With These Snacks!

You might have come across the statement which says “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.” You might also be among the ones who implement it. Of course, who wouldn’t be interested in having a fit body and a happy mind? A healthy mind and healthy body are highly dependent on what we eat and how much we eat, it is very important for us to focus on our food intake. Eating in small quantities doesn’t suffice your needs of having a well-shaped body. Nevertheless, what you require to stay healthy is eating the right amounts of food, right kinds of food at the right time. Especially, taking care of your late night cravings is really important.

late night cravings

How to manage late night cravings?

Whether you are under-weight or mediocre-weight or over-weight, there is one issue you might definitely want to take care of – late night cravings. Many of us often stay awake until midnight – to watch our favorite TV show or to work on a school project or to prepare for the next day’s presentation. And whilst doing these tasks, we often feel an urge to grab something and eat. However, it is not a healthy habit to eat any kind of food during late nights. This might affect your body functioning in several manners. But you can well choose from among the following snacks to control your late night cravings:

1. Yoghurt and fruits:

Choose any of your favorite fruits, take a small bowl of yogurt and start munching.  Greek yogurt is a rich source of protein and has low amounts of fat. Choosing this combination of yogurt and fruits will not only keep your stomach full but also will assist you in losing your weight.

2. Dark chocolate:

If you are a chocolate lover, then this option might have delighted you the most. Yes, you read it right. Dark chocolate also can be one of the choices to control you late night cravings. Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa and is low on sugar content; thus consuming few cubes of dark chocolate will definitely help.

late night cravings

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3. Protein bars:

The name itself suggests why it is healthy to eat them during late nights. With protein bars, you not only become energetic enough but also can resist the urge to fall asleep. One more advantage with protein bars is that because of their chewy texture you might feel that you have consumed a large quantity though you haven’t. Mind tricking yourself?

4. Popcorn:

Any movie buffs here? Munching popcorn will keep you occupied either if you are watching a late night show or you are trying to finish reading a suspense thriller. If you are not involving any cheese or other flavors, you end up consuming only 100 calories from a pack of 94% fat-free popcorn variant.

late night cravings

5. Cereals:

Though cereals are mostly taken as a part of breakfast, cereals with low-fat milk might also help you in controlling your midnight cravings. As cereals are rich sources of Vitamin D, calcium and proteins, they not only are good for health but also keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. Choosing cereals low on sugar and high on protein is recommended.

6. Frozen blueberries:

This is the best option to choose if you are a dessert lover. How about a bowl of frozen blueberries along with a small quantity of whipped cream added to the bowl? As blueberries are rich in fiber and vitamins, they form a healthy source of snacks to deal with midnight cravings.

Other sources:

The other healthy food items that can be consumed to control late night cravings include dried figs, quick egg sandwich, whole wheat bread and hot chocolate.

Delight yourselves with any of these food items to control your midnight cravings. These not only help manage your hunger but also add up to your good health. Stay wise and stay healthy.