Kashmir:heaven on Earth.

Jammu and Kashmir also are known as paradise on Earth is union territory since 2019 before that it was a state which was converted into a union territory. Kashmir is the home to some amazing and breathtaking views. It has so many different types of landscapes to observe. It is called paradise on earth because of its gorgeous valleys, mountains, lakes, forests and meadows. There are a plethora of places to see and things to in Kashmir for all kinds of travellers. If you are planning a trip to Jammu and Kashmir, you must know about its places of attractions, activities offered and a few other interesting things which also form an integral part of Kashmir tourism. Other than observing the beautiful mountain peaks, massive glaciers, splendid monasteries, blue lakes, rivers, forests, verdant meadows and tall pine trees. One can go for different types of adventure sports like skiing, golf, paragliding, trekking, river rafting, etc.

Places to visit in Kashmir –


Located at a very high altitude Gulmarg is a popular skiing destination which lies in the Pir Panjal range. Gulmarg has the worlds second-highest Gondola ride. This town is surrounded by snow-clad peaks, evergreen forests, flower meadows, etc. One can learn skiing from IISM at cheap prices and then enjoy the peaks and landscapes of this region whilst performing a sport. This town is also a very popular honeymoon spot.


Patnitop is yet another range located in Kashmir one can sit in peace here and enjoy the picturesque and lovely views and just adore the beauty of nature. They can see the endless meadows, the snow-clad peaks, different types of trees, etc. Other than experiencing the natural beauty one can undertake activities like skiing, trekking and water sports. Just 17km away from Patnitop there is Sanasar which is popular for paragliding base, golf courses along with extended sightseeing options.


Just like Gulmarg and Patnitop. Pahalgam is yet another range which is home to the gorgeous beauty which is untouched by human hands. This region is a feast to one’s eyes. You will be wonderstruck by the sumptuousness of Pahalgam the moment you arrive at this pristine land. One can go on fishing trips and trekking trips here. There is an 18 hole golf course located here all of them are placed between amazing views. This is a fun activity to remember for life.

4]Nubra Valley-

Nubra valley is a highly protected are because it later leads to the Siachen base camp. If a foreigner wants to get in he needs to get protected area permit and if an Indian wants to get in they need an inner lime permit. Nubra valley is famous for the Bactrian camel ride. Bactrian camels are really rare they’re special because they have two humps so one can experience that lovely ride and then enter Diksit where you’ll can buy some Kashmiri or Tibetan artefacts, Pashmina shawls, woollen socks, almonds, apricots, apples and other things that define Kashmir.

 5]Dachigam National park-

Dachigam national park is a park which is just 22kms away from the capital of Srinagar. This park is a host to some really rare species of plants and animals and has some really beautiful sceneries. Dachigam national park is one of ”India’s most elevated parks” also is a national treasure because of the plants, animals and scenes it hosts. Right from the Himalayan grey langur that feeds on the barks of trees to the rare Himalayan brown bear to Pygmy Owlets to the predators, the leopards.

6]Kashmir Great lake-

Kashmir is home to a lot of the treks this certainly the less well-known one but I suggest this trek because one can experience a lot of different types of ecologies here and they can conclude why Kashmir is called paradise on earth. The entire trail is a huge experience to witness the varied ecological regions. Starting with Starting with temperate forests of pine and spruces, firs and deodars to vast lush green meadows and grasslands, the entire trek is accompanied by snow-clad peaks and pristine blue lakes. This really is a place for people who love visiting secret valleys and hidden passages.


Amarnath is one of the most important places for pilgrimage in India for all the Lord Shiva worshippers. The amaranth cave house an enshrined image of ice called the Shivalinga formed naturally. This destination is visited by millions of Shiva followers every year. This pilgrimage is known as the ”Amarnath Yatra”. This cave Is regarded as the cave where Lord Shiva revealed his life secret and eternity to Goddess Parvati.

8]Vaishno Devi –

Vaishno Devi is a very popular town located in the Kashmir because it hosts the famous Vaishno Devi temple. This town sees millions of devotees from all over the world. This temple is dedicated to Vaishno Devi who is the manifestation of Goddess Durga. This temple is really famous and is considered very holy for every Hindu. There are several ways to travel here one can take a helicopter or trekking. Other than that the streets are full of shops selling snacks and religious material.

Other than that there are places like-







-And a lot more .

Jammu and Kashmir is a place one should definitely visit in his lifetime. This place is definitely on my bucket list .

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