Just Friends: 10 Signs you should look out for to avoid heartbreak

Let me begin by putting forward a very familiar situation for the guy population out there. You meet a girl, start spending some time with her to get acquainted, more or less stay in touch through calls and texts and then subsequently you develop a crush on her. All day long her thoughts stay with you. You try to come up with reasons to be near her, to begin a conversation, to make her laugh etc. and start picturing a future with her. While you go along dropping hints one after the another of the humongous crush you have on her, the girl neglects all of it and you are just left pondering what is wrong with her? Why isn’t she reciprocating your affection? What you fail to notice here is that not her but you have been ignorant of the signs, failing to grasp the fact you are just a friend for her. You have misinterpreted her friendship as something else and alone are expecting something more from the relationship while she wants to be just friends.

Here’s when comes into picture something known as friend zone – a territory every boy wants to stay clear of. I know it’s terrible and heart wrenching to see your crush not feel the same for you. But It’s always better to deduce beforehand only what she thinks of you rather than staying in dilemma. Noone wants to hear "Just Friends" but it always helps to avoid heartbreak if you pick up subtle signs.

So here are some irrefutable signs you need to look out for to know whether she wants to be just friends or something more.


She discusses her love life with you

If a girl doesn’t refrain or hesitates from talking about her romantic life, this may be sign that she considers you just a friend. Her praising or cribbing about her crush, discussing things like the gift he has given her or how he has been ignoring her, openly talking about her past crushes and dating history are very pellucid signs. It means that she is not bothered by the fact that perhaps you won’t want to be romantically involved with her after knowing her past, as she does not see you as part of her future romantic life.

just a friend


You people always hang out in a group

If most of your outings together involve a bunch of her other friends as well and she avoids spending time alone with you there is a very good chance you are just a friend for her. Even if you ask her out, she will bring a friend or two with her and her home invitations are never exclusively for you, always involving a bunch of other attendees as well. These are clear indications that for her you are just one among her several male friends towards whom she has no special inclination.

just a friend


Tries to set you up with a date

Well, there is nothing worse than your crush looking out for a girl for you. If she suggests girls you can go out with and makes efforts to find a good girl for you, she considers you as her good friend and cares for you but nothing more. She is not bothered by you being romantically involved with someone else.


Accepts no favors

Girls have now become more strong and independent and usually refrain from accepting obligations, of anybody except people to whom they are close or want to become close.  So whenever you guys go out together if she insists on splitting the bill or paying for her share, things may be not the way you expect them to be. She considers herself as just a friend and thus believes that she is not entitled to any such treatment. Also she will prefer to meet directly at the location instead of you picking her up and then together driving to that place.


Her body language around you

The way she addresses you can tell loads about your place in her life. If you are used to hearing words like buddy, bro, best friend etc. friend is just what you probably are. Also look for signs like whether her body is inclined towards you, whether she makes any attempts to come close or randomly brush you. If no, then she is definitely not attracted to you. In such a situation she will hug you lightly for a short duration and will be the first to break out of it. In short she will restrict physical contact with you.


She doesn’t bother to look good around you

Women accessorize and attempt to look good for people they want to impress. They get self-conscious in their presence and try to get their attention by looking their best. So if she doesn’t make effort to dress up for you and you get to see her in almost similar attire everyday there is very good chance that you are just a friend.  She doesn’t intend to make you notice her or be attracted towards her.

just a friend


You guys always meet in public places

If you are just a friend she will restrict all interaction with you to public places like restaurant, cafes and parks. Even if she summons you to her house or vice versa her several other friends will also accompany her, preventing you from spending time alone with her. Another thing you can look out for you is if she asks you to go shopping with her. If yes, then you are just a close buddy for her but not something more as women hesitate to indulge in such activities with people they are attracted to out of respect and fear of driving them away due to boredom or over expectations.


She asks you to set her up with someone

If she asks you to set her up with your friends and then praise or objectify them in front of you, what more obvious sign do you need to know that you are just a friend for her. She may even ask your advice on how to advance and talk about trivial things like the gift she got, the place they went to, the way he behaved, how impressed she was by his manner etc. It means she doesn’t even consider you as a candidate, and sees you more as an ideal audience for her laments about her love life.

just a friend


Reveals too much about herself too soon

If a girl is very open and frank in her conversations and reveals too much about herself too quickly it is probably because you are just a friend for her. She won’t take the trouble of editing her words around you and will say anything without hesitation. However, if a girl is attracted to you she will be composed around you and will choose her words very carefully to prevent something from slipping out which can later cause her embarrassment.


The way she converses with you

Frequent compliments, almost nil interruptions and undivided attention during your conversations with her are often suggestive of her attraction for you. However contrary to this if you find her often cutting your words and seldom speaking highly of you, she considers you just a friend. When you discuss things that you prefer in a woman, she never compares or comments about how she fits into that category as she doesn’t want to be involved with you in that way.

just a friend


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So I hope this has given you some insight on and understanding of signs girls give, if you are just a friend and not someone they want to be romantically involved with.