Instagram- How can it be used to earn money too!

INSTAGRAM this simple photo sharing app has now become a sensation throughout the world! Ever since its inception in October 2010, photo sharing has now become a cool hobby for all the social media freaks. Instagram is the one responsible for those savage hashtags, geotags, hilarious memes, interesting videos and those umpteen number of sparkling and gorgeous filters which have become synonymous with looking good and posing well. We all want a great number of followers, want a very happening Instagram profile and share as much as we can. But sometimes, we do wonder, at some point in time, that will having so many followers and be posting so many photos really do any good to us other than just adulating and adoring it?

You must have seen some Instagrammers like Amanda Cerny, Cameron Dallas and Aimee Song, regularly posting so many photos and videos and having such an enviable number of followers, almost in the range of 20-30 million! And do you know another interesting fact? These people also earn for every photo and video that they post! I know, you're like whaaat?! How?! Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez earn as much as a whopping $500,000 per post! Yes, now just by posting on Instagram and adopting some tactics, you can earn bucks at home! Instagram has now become another job alternative for people. This rich visual channel has the reach and the influence- two factors which can bring fame and popularity and thus, allow people to explore many potential avenues for earning through it.


Clockwise from left: Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Amanda Cerny and Cameron Dallas are some of the highest paid Instagrammers

So, looking at your sizeable amount of followers and wondering 'Maybe, I can do this too'? Obviously, you can! We bring to you some quick, easy and reliable tips that you can adopt, and will lead you towards earning money through Instagram and maybe, you can become a potential future Instagram star too!

1. Working with brands on sponsored posts

You can be an influencer and promote brands. An influencer is someone who gains fame by sharing and posting about certain subject matters, like beauty, fashion or for some brand products. This has, right now, become a fast trending money earning hack on Instagram. You choose a brand, communicate with them and grab a deal and promote their product. Or you can use lots of relevant hashtags, reviewing and posting about the product, tagging the company's official user account too. This will help you get discovered, and also when your followers will start using and spreading its word of mouth, this will help you a lot. Working on sponsored posts and curating content for them fetches a great amount of commission and free personal products and services.



2. Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote a product and get paid per sale. We often see bloggers and popular Instagram users having certain side banners promoting a certain brand, or in any video having the last seconds dedicated to promoting their partners. 

There are quite a few companies you can work with here. Here are some:

  • Shareasale: Find companies you want to work with, sign up for their affiliate program, get approved then start promoting. In some programs, it's easier to get approved if you have a blog or website.
  • Ebates: Refer people that love deals & discounts, then get a commission.
  • Stylinity: great for fashion bloggers. When people shop using your link, you'll get a commission.

In this, you will get an affiliate URL, which you must post in the bio. Have every post directed to the URL and when any of your follower shops through it, you'll get paid a commission. This differs from sponsored past in the fact that in affiliate marketing, you have actually 'partnered' with a brand, whereas in sponsored posts, you are just sponsoring their products through your posts. 



3. Sell your photos

Are you a photographer? Have an array of photos with breathtaking sceneries and amazing captures? Then why not showcase it on the most popular photo sharing platform? Instagram can be used for sole purposes, by posting your perfectly edited photos and selling it to agencies and individuals. Make sure it reaches out to as many people by properly hashtagging and captioning it, so that they get pulled towards your shots! The 'Twenty 20' and 'Community Foap' are two of the most popular accounts where you can post photos for sale or link them to your account. Happy sharing, fellas!

4. Promote your business

If you have an own business running, make sure you promote that on Instagram. Business expanders are now resorting to this as a potential tool for expansion. Use geotags so that people living nearby your business area can know about it. Get customers to repost, or 'regram' their pictures. Post behind the scenes pictures, like a slo-mo video of an item getting painted or wrapped, or delicious cakes being frosted or made from scratch. This adds an appeal to your Instagram business profile and is a great crowd-puller. You can promote a certain hashtag, and make customers use that when they post related to yours, and this will also help in reachability. For eg, in the below photo, the hashtag #MyCrave has been created and used to promote this certain eatery. Also, include some special Instagram offers and discounts as added bonuses to up your follower count.



The recently popular traveling couple, Jack Morris and Laura Bullen are getting paid with six-figure dollars for every post of theirs. But, for your money making process to be really successful, you need to have some prerequisites.

You should have your followers count at least in some thousands. Your followers must be engaging and responsive to your posts. Plus, you should also be engaging and regular, by posting comments and conversing with each and every person who comments on your post. This ensures a good rapport and reach and will help in popularising your account. But as I said, who knew by just posting some gorgeous and happening photos on Instagram with a couple of hashtags, links and smart tactics, you can become a luxurious money maker! But now that you know, and that you are so interested to explore this, it's the best time to get started by increasing your followers and your posts. Be a fashion blogger, food expert or a traveler. Start earning money by doing things you love! And yeah, by doing Instagram too! 😀