College fests in India you should attend for sure!

College fests are something which every college student in this country awaits for. They are big, vibrant, popular and help in breaking the monotony of classes, assignments and college conundrums. The whole student population of a college gathers together and channelizes it's energy, hard work and enthusiasm in the few days of the fest. We participate, cheer, laugh, dance, play and enjoy every second of these college fests.

All the college fests are amazing days and nights of glamour, food, fun, fashion, friends, celebs, concerts and events worth the moolah. We, youngsters, know how, apart from studies, they are a much-needed break and give us moments which make us feel that we are leading the 'cool' college lives we always adored on celluloid or had always imagined it to be.

So, for all the youngsters out there, we bring a list of the best college fests you must attend at least once in your college life with your friends! We guarantee you, these fests would be embossed as the best memories of your college life! So hurry and prep up, and be a part of these extravaganzas!


Touted as one of the best college fests of Asia, Mood Indigo needs no special introduction. Held every year on December 22-26, it is a great escape for your winter semester vacations! Every year, it attracts a footfall of over 100 thousand students from over 1500 colleges across the country. Everyone knows the sheer magnitude of this fest, and it has witnessed the likes of celebrities like Vishal Shekhar, Irshad Kamil, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Mani Ratnam. The 'Pronites' is a very popular event of MI, which brings a plethora of indie and popular international bands like The Vamps to your musical rescue! MI organizes numerous class competitions and very helpful workshops by experienced experts. Currently, in its 46th edition, MI has attracted considerable media attention and sponsorships from big houses! This fest should be at the top of your priority list of college fests, for damn sure!

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This fest is a non-stop, 4 days extravaganza and is considered one of the most attractive college fests of this country. Held prior to Diwali during the month of October, this fest manages to retain the esteemed respect BITS Pilani has, culturally too. It boasts of very popular and heart throbbing competitions, in all fronts, like literary, arts, dramatics, fashion etc. It also organizes some of the best musical concerts, hosting the likes of celebs like Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan and Shankar Mahadevan. The fest is totally jam-packed with fun and excitement, and also receives good media attention and amazing sponsorships. One of the wishlist college fests for over 6000 students across the country, this fest definitely should be attended to get an experience of a lifetime!

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The annual socio-cultural fest of IIT Madras is five days of endless fun! It attracts over 60,000+ people from over 500 colleges across the country. Saarang is the second oldest college festival in India and has established a firm place in every student's college bucket list. Initially, it was known as 'Mardi Gras'. 'Saarang', grew rapidly with the help of corporate sponsorship, collaboration with large-scale event organizers and international artists. One of the most attractive features of this fest is the 'Guest Lectures and Demonstrations', which have been hosted by eminent personalities like Kiran Bedi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui etc. The enthralling parts of this 5-day fest, apart from the competitions, are EDM Night, Choreo Night, Classical Night, Popular Night( which has witnessed celebs like Sonu Nigam and Salim-Suleiman), and various class workshops under 'Saarang Eunoia'. One of the prestigious college fests of India, Saarang is worth going to!

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IISc Bangalore is the most prestigious college of India. So, how could it's fest not be amazing? Organized by the best minds of the country, Pravega is worth every positive word of mouth that it receives. The annual technical and cultural symposium is one of the best college fests of this country. It holds competitions and events satisfying the needs of every nerdy geek to every rock punk fan. The fest is designed for all the passionate students in every discipline, from technology to literature to music, arts, and dance. In keeping up with the prestige of the institute that hosts it, Pravega is a big fest of its own kind and stirs your creative juices to the fullest.

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One of the biggest college fests of this country, Incident is a 5-day long event held during the month of March. This fest is increasing in popularity every year. And, who doesn't love a fest by the sea? All the major events are held in the luxurious personal beach owned by the college. It organizes big amazing events and competitions for every crazy geek to every art lover. This fest attracts a large amount of participation from various colleges across the country. It has hosted bands like Parikrama and the Indian Ocean. Its major attractions are the 'Haute Couture', it's flagship fashion event, Musical and Dance events, Beach events, Slam Dunk, Literature events and Pro shows. It has a hefty number of sponsors who help make the fest grow bigger and better every year. This one should also make to the bucket list of the best college fests to attend.

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Although we have mentioned only the best five fests in detail, there are many more college fests you can go to. Some of them are UNMAAD(IIM Bangalore), Waves(BITS Goa), Malhaar(St Xavier's, Mumbai) and Rendezvous(IIT Delhi).

So, youngsters, what are you waiting for? Already excited to savor every moment of these fests? Mark your calendars, book your tickets, pack up your bags, collect your group of friends, and set rolling for a roller coaster ride of endless fun and cherished memories! We assure you, they are worth every fun and frolic!