India vs Pakistan: History repeats itself

India vs Pakistan match in World Cup is the kind of match which is much awaited by the fans. It is said that sports unites different nations and promote integrity. It’s somehow not true in World-Cup, where every country give whatever it takes to win the cup.

But do you know which specific match gets the highest TRP (Television Rating Price)?
If the answer has already popped inside your head, then you are right, it is India vs Pakistan.
Chest thumping, hysteria among fans, fueled by high-intensity jingoism on TV channels.This  has turned India vs Pakistan into a spectacle of a different kind.

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The ratio of Indians that gathered to watch the match somehow felt that the emotions were more than cricket.

Artificial Rivalry

By allowing the numbers to speak, while the India-Pakistan rivalry is a storied one.The one match that sparks the emotional reactions among the fans and the players.It has been utterly one-sided in World. Indian team dominated Pakistan team. The stats were one-sided and yet again the history was repeated.

The artificial rivalry claims to nowhere when it comes to the factual representation of the results.
India faced Pakistan the 7th time on 16 june, 2019 and yet again they dominated the match and beat Pakistan by 89 runs (D/L method).
Although it rained and the formal Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method has been used to decide the winner of the match by converting it into a 40 over match.The Indian team dominated over the Pakistan team like Lions and it was absolutely a one sided match for them.

Former Pakistani Bowler, Shoaib Akhtar views on the match

Shoaib Akhtar, the former Paksitan bowler recently uploaded a video on his Youtube channel talking how poor decision lead to the loss of Pakistan.

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Currently, Pakistan is the youngest team in the World Cup. Despite having two players who are in 38, Shoaib Malik and Mahommad Hafeez. Players in the Pakistan team are not popular among the fans either.

Comparing the facts, India has got Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mahommad Shami, an attack that can hold its own against any in the world.

Reason of the anger and aggression among the fans  

The rivalry was more heavy this year because of the incident that happened between Pakistan and India. Claimed that Pakistan attacked in Pulwama, Kashmir killing over 40 CRPF soldiers.The Indian team and supporters were riled up by anger to support the soldiers.  Indian team wore the symbolizing gloves to portray their emotions towards the soldiers.

The history has repeated itself.Considering the performance, Pakistan needs to change or upgrade their line-up for the matches further.

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