Most Iconic Maternity Poses One Should Not Miss Out

Photoshoots have become really popular among us. But one should have some really good maternity poses for this different kind of a shoot. Becoming a mother is just like a dream come true for a woman. When she is pregnant all she thinks about is her baby. What if she gets a girl? What would be her name? Or if a boy then what would be his? It is truly a very special thing for a mother. We have seen many photoshoots of a newly-wed couple or a couple who is going to get married or sometimes a maternity photo shoot.

There are a lot of precious moments for a mother before the birth of her child. And most of them think about capturing those beautiful moments which can be enjoyed as memories after a few years.

There are a lot of celebrities who get a maternity photo shoot. Beyonce, Ciara, Teyana Taylor and much more. And to our surprise, many Bollywood celebs have also done this which includes Genelia D'souza, Arpita Khan Sharma, Tara Sharma and more. Browsing for some maternity poses would be good so let us have a look at some of the most iconic maternity poses that one should not miss out.

#1. Mum Looking at a Belly

Maternity Poses
Reality Tea

This is one of the best maternity poses that can be shot indoors or outdoors. It makes a person looking at picture feel that how caring that mum is. And also that she is eagerly waiting for her child to come into this beautiful world. Just like Kandi Burruss did when she was expecting her baby. She is a famous singer.

#2. Father Kissing the Belly

Maternity Poses
Hello Magazine

A child who is about to come in this world is a special gift for a couple by god. They find themselves extremely lucky to have a child. Father kissing the belly symbolizes that he is taking care of both mother and child. And he is thankful to her wife that she is going to give him the biggest happiness of his life. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake had a snapshot of this pose. And this is a photo that every couple should have!

#3. Parents Hands on Belly

Maternity Poses
Bollywood Life

They care. This is what is meant when both the parents have their hands on the belly. Happiness can be seen the faces of both of them when they touch the belly and see each other’s faces. Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'souza are considered one of the best couples in Bollywood and they had a great maternity photoshoot before the birth of their second child. They were equally excited for the second pregnancy.

#4. Brother Enjoying

Maternity Poses
Parents Magazine

Your brother already loves you. There is someone who is already waiting for his younger brother or sister. With whom he can play. With whom he can share happiness and whose sorrows he will take. Like model Karolina Kurkova did in her photoshoot when her first child was kissing the belly. The cuteness is so much!

#5. Flaunting the Baby Bump

Maternity Poses
DNA India

Adding a little bit of exercise is not going to make your upcoming child a fitness geek right from day 1. But this one is just for you to make memories. You can have your first child's bump flaunting while doing yoga. This is not a very common pose but a picture was shared by Soha Ali Khan of her baby bump while doing yoga on World Yoga Day.

#6. Both Parents Together

Maternity Poses
Bollywood Shaadis

When parents look at each other expecting a baby soon showcases a very nice bond sharing between them. Both of their hands are on the back and they just keep looking at each other. It also sounds romantic. Mother has a sense of safety as well that there is someone to look out for her and her child. Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal have taken this pose into their albums. They were blessed with a son who they named Veer.

#7. Numbering is never bad!

Maternity Poses
Daily Mail

This would be definitely on someone’s list of maternity poses. The elder child waiting for his or her younger sibling. Making out plans of watching TV or playing games or going out for a picnic with friends. Elder one’s making a lot of plans even before the birth of the child. Jessica Alba did something really good, by giving her 2 daughters numbers and taking the third! Almost like welcoming the third child.

There are no restrictions for capturing these maternity poses at certain places only. One can easily make out their own poses but these which we have covered are some of the most iconic maternity poses. As it is said, “A mother’s joy begins when a new life is stirring inside when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone”.