How to Know if He/She Really Loves You!

Love is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe which is convoluted yet breathtakingly beautiful. There is perhaps nothing better than having a person who really loves you. It is like an intricate web weaved out of emotions. There is no officially accepted definition of love and thus notion about what actually love is varies enormously among individuals. Consequently, so does the way people react to it. Depending on factors like age, gender, personality and culture they were brought up in people can be both candid or hesitant about their emotions. Another trouble with love is that people can delude you by proclaiming that they love you without really meaning it, and a person can love you deeply without being able to express his/her emotions. So how does one get to know that whether that person really loves you or not? Well, the upside is that although words can lie or fail to say what resides in the heart, actions speak louder than words. People who really love you often end up indicating it obliquely, and thus you just need to look out for some signs to find out the truth.

Here’s a list of some of the most reliable signs which can tell you whether the person really loves you or not.

Takes out time for you

In this busy chaotic world, it is practically impossible to take out time for everything. So if he/she takes out time for you it means you are someone special. Even small deeds like if he/she randomly texts or calls you, takes you out for an impromptu lunch or dinner to your favorite restaurant, makes your favorite meal, or buys tickets to your favorite movie speak volumes about the person’s affection for you. It indicates that they have been thinking about you and look forward to spend time with you.

really loves you


Is willing to compromise

Sacrifice and compromise are among the main attributes of a strong relationship. His/her willingness to go out of the way to make you feel comfortable and to face vexation for your sake is a very important indicator. Compromising doesn’t mean going against what is right, it just means understanding things for yours perceptive as well and choosing that version of right which is better for both of you. Letting go of somethings sometimes is also a typical love sign.

Attentively communicates with you

How much your partner participates in the conversation and how attentive he/she is a good indicator of his/her love for you. One-way interaction or inarticulate nonchalant responses from the partner are suggestive of a frail relationship. If the person makes effort to know about your life, enquires about things that occur in your life and is genuinely interested in what you have to say, it can mean that he/she really loves you. Another important sign is how transparent the person is about his/her own life, whether he/she keeps you updated about it or not.


really loves you

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Is proud of you and your achievements

Your partner will be proud of you and accept the way you are if he/she truly loves you. If the person introduces you to his/her friends and colleagues and requests you to accompany him/her to dinner parties and outings, it is a very good sign. It implies that the person is not embarrassed of you and wants you to be a part of his social circle. If in love, your partner will be appreciative of you and will speak highly of you both to you and others. He/she will not feel jealous or threatened by your success.

really loves you


Respects you

Love cannot exist without respect. It is imperative for a healthy and a balanced relationship. By respect, I mean respect both for you and your opinions. If the person doesn’t ill treat you, doesn’t impose his choice or preferences on you and gives you space to voice your opinions there is a very good chance that he/she does respect you. People who ask their partner for suggestions, discuss things with them and take decisions after consulting and mutual understanding often really love their partner. There is also respect for privacy, understanding about the need to be secluded at times, and enough breathing space for both partners in a strong relationship.

Pays attention to little things

See whether your partner makes effort to remember minute details like when you told him/her your favorite movie, your favorite chocolate, favorite book or favorite color. If yes, you are definitely with the right person. Even if you mention something casually or in passing he/she will register it, and you can expect wonderful surprises later.


really loves you

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 Cares about you

For a person who really loves you, your happiness is their foremost priority. They will be tolerant of your mood swings, will do anything to bring a smile on your face when you feel blue, will give you strength in times of need, and will be concerned for your safety and health. If all this reminds you of your partner, I can assure you of this that his/her devotion to you is unquestionable.

Is not hesitant to voice their opinion

If your partner seldom presents their point of view and avoids criticizing or arguing, then something is definitely wrong. Reasonable amount of fights is both necessary and beneficial for any relationship. It refines a relationship and develops it into something which is much more open, mature, balanced and strong enough to withstand turmoil.

Is happy to be with you

If your partner’s face lights up and his/her mood lightens in your presence, he/she really loves you. They will laugh, be playful and might also tease you in a jovial manner. If in love, they will not hesitate to shed off pretenses and show you their natural perhaps a little silly side.


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You don’t have to see all of these signs to be sure of his/her love. A few of these are also great to start off with, and you and time will perhaps teach the rest. So go ahead and make the most of this beautiful feeling called love with that special person who really loves you.